Chapter 1

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Chapter One

Smiling, I see the wave heading towards me, making me climb to my feet on the surfboard just in time, catching the wave, using my body to direct the board. The waves are cool enough to cool me down slightly in the warm weather, but the sun is high in the sky and I know I've been out in the sunlight for long enough by now.

Jumping off the board once I am close enough to the shore, I grab the board and jog out, seeing Trevor doing the same down the beach slightly, having caught the same wave. He smiles as he heads towards me.

"That was amazing. Can't beat a good wave." He says, using the corner of his board to poke it into the sand to keep it from falling as he glances over the beach.

"I needed that." I agree, yet glance down the beach, towards Trevor's house, where my car is parked. "Think I've got enough sun though."

"Really?" Trevor asks, turning back to me and frowning. "Grant, you've been moping around for weeks. Come on, you need your mind off him."

"I'll get sunstroke, Trevor. You will as well. Plus, you're just down here to get your mind off your own love life."

"My love life is fine," He scoffs, yet lifts his board again before we start walking in the direction of his house.

"Really?" I muse, rolling my eyes.


"Ok... so take me through it again, because I don't really get it."

"What isn't there to get? Grace broke up with her boyfriend and doesn't want anything serious and that is perfect. She's a nice girl... I just don't want a relationship with her." He offers, shrugging. "Plus, she made it clear she wouldn't want to deal with the fame."

"Have you seen her since we left Carolina Beach?"

"No. That's what makes it so perfect. Haven't even talked to her."

"You sound like a jackass, you know. You better hope she is on the same page because she is best friends with Jade and if Jade gets angry at your behaviour, well, the rest of them will as well." I muse, getting him to laugh. "And you purposefully forgot to mention a certain other woman."

"Who?" He asks, leading me up the steps towards his house, having to enter a security number to get past the large security gate.

I study the back of his head, shaking my head.

"Denial isn't an attractive quality," I say, chuckling. Glaring over his shoulder, he gently hits me with his board.

"Get over that idea. There isn't anything there." He mutters, yet my smile only widens.

"Sure there isn't. Naomi's beautiful, you can't deny that."

"I'm not denying it. It's her personality that's the problem."

"Funny... she said the same about you." I say, sighing in relief when we step into the shade of his patio, rolling my shoulders as I set my board down to allow it to dry off in the heat.

"Talk to her a lot then, Grant? You slept with the enemy, you know." He mutters, yet I don't miss the jealousy in his tone.

"Firstly, I didn't sleep with her... I couldn't. Plus, she was very nice and understanding about it all. Secondly, if you want to make me believe you aren't attracted to her, try not sounding jealous." I advise, getting him to glare at me again.


"You're going to be working with her, Trevor. You have to learn to get along with her and who knows, if you both keep your mouths shut, the sexual chemistry between you two may just take over... hopefully. You've been cranky ever since your callback."

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