Steve Trevor- Beach (a)

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"Don't... shoot?" Sundered and torn the strange, sopping wet uniform clung tightly onto the mans body as he lay in the sand. His eyes locked onto the arrowhead that sat still mere inches from his face.

"We do not take kindly to visitors here. Who are you?" You withdrew the gleaming arrow but kept a wary eye on not only him but the rocky outcrop overlooking the lengthened strand of beach, knowing that your fellow Themysciran warriors would not give such mercy. Trembling hands sat at his side, he answered as if he did not even know his own name. "I would speak quickly." You saw him hear the thundering horses' hooves running towards the ridge, staring into his eyes you alerted him to the danger the fierce women astride them would bring.

"Steve." He jolted, his ears pricked to the ever enclosing roar.

"That is a peculiar name but... who am I to judge the culture of others. I am y/n of the Amazonians."

"Are we going to talk about names, or can you help me get out of here?" With a groan and a wince, he pushed himself up from the silky sand, his face slowly dropped into a frown of despair as he realised the beach that stretched for as far as the eye could see, had nowhere to hide. "What are we meant to do!?"

"I am going to stand here, and you are going to become target practice." A slight chuckle fell from your lips as pure panic set into Steve's eyes. "Relax, relax. You won't get hurt as long as you co-operate. How did you get here?"

"I'm about to be turned into a human colander and you want to ask me about my method of transportation? Can't we save this for after we escape death." A damp hand wrapped around your wrist and with all his might he tried to pull you along the beach.

"Nobody said anything about 'we'." You pulled against him, sending him flying back past you.

"I'm sorry. Before I escape certain death now can we please just go... If it isn't you guys that'll kill me the German's will finish me off no problem."

"The Germans?"

"Yeah you know... Germans? The war? The bad guys?" You grabbed tightly onto his wrist and swiftly began to make your way down the beach, knowing that you had to inform the queen.


Written by Aaron.

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