The Begining, of What I Remember.

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I'm dedicating this to myself. I think I owe it to myself to actually tell the truth, instead of keeping these things to myself. No matter how embarrasing things get, I won't hide the truth here. Somethings in here, not even my friends know about, just me myself and I and the people who were invovled. Just think of yourself as a preist and I'm confessing my sins to you. Not that it matters, I have no reiligon anyway. :P

Dear Wattpad people.

Things start to change, for me at 6th grade, all my friend from elementary school were going to a different middle school than me. I was so nervous. The first day I still made a friend.

I’m a beast at finding people like me.

She had super long blonde hair and glasses. I found her reading manga and sat right next to her. Long story short, we became best friends.

That year I was going through my, I’m-not-a-girl, phase, even though I had started wearing a bra in 3rd grade. So, I wore these unflattering sweaters my grandmother would buy me from the Good Will. Not to mentioned I had somehow let my grandmother talk me into a Jerry Curl.

It was the worst decision of my 6th life. Easy to manage my ass.

Life was good, I made a lot of friends, my school picture wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and hey, I didn’t die. Woo, one more year closer to death.

Sincerly, Smilie Girl :)

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