Taken on halloween

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Angels POV

I was so excited! Today was Halloween, there's nothing better then Halloween!

I came down in my dark angel costume. I was careful to go rolling down the steps again.

I giggled Crazily.

I saw mama, and baby. "Mama, mama, baby", I said happily as I skipped over to them. Baby was in a angel costume and so was mama.

I gave them a crazed smile. "Happy Halloween mama", I said happily. I hugged her and I felt her wrap her arms around me. "Happy Halloween, my beautiful dark angel", she said with a smile on her pink lips.

I got out of her arms and hugged my sister. "Happy Halloween baby", I said happily. She giggled and hugged me back.

"Happy Halloween angel, tonight's going to be so Much fun", she said.

I giggled crazily. "It sure is baby!", I said loudly and happily.

I then heard footsteps coming down.

I saw Otis, in a cowboy costume. And man do I think he was a looker. I know he was my cousin. But I just couldn't help myself.

He saw us and a crazed smile lit up on his face. He walked over to us. "Angel, baby, Happy Halloween, tonight's going to be so fun!", he said excitedly.

I giggled and started to bounce excitedly. I turned to mama. "Mama, mama, what are we going to do tonight?", I asked her. She gave me one of her usual smirks.

"Grandpas bringing them out, it won't be to long now", she said winking at me. My eyes lit up in excitement and craziness.

People always think they come here to see the hanging tree of Dr. satan. I giggled, they come here more then just that. They come here to die. They're so mean to mama and grandpa. I don't like those kind of people, and they deserve what they get.

But now, I could hear the sound of multiple footsteps and muffled screaming. I giggled excitedly and clapped my hands.

I was so excited!

I saw grandpa and uncle Spaulding come down, with four girls with bunny suits on.

They had tape over they're mouths.

They saw us, and I saw the fear in They're eyes. I loved it.

Grandpa said we were ready. I was so excited. I grabbed baby's hand, and Otis grabbed mine. Which made me fluster with red across my cheeks.

We went all the way to the grave thingy. Were they were going to die. I had a smile on my face the entire time.

Once we got there, grandpa and uncle stuffed the three girls inside. They struggled and fought, and at some point grandpa tore of They're tape, they were begging for they're life's. I giggled at the useless begging.

But I didn't expect the other girl to get brave enough to do something so stupid. She got out of grandpas hold and ran. Straight at me. My eyes widened and I went to move out of the way. But I wasn't quick enough. I felt her arms wrap around me and ran away with me in her arms. I became scared. I didn't like this at all! This wasn't part of the plan at all!

I cried out. I didn't like this women.

I yanked at her hair. I clawed at her face. But she pinned my arms to my back.

I looked behind her. Everyone was running after us.

"Mama! Baby! Grandpa! Uncle! Otis!", I yelled.

"Angel!", they yelled my name.

"Angel!", Otis yelled my name. I could feel the tears in my eyes as I looked at my cousin slash love of my life.

I could feel the tears roll down my cheeks.

"Mama! Baby! Grandpa! Uncle! Otis!", I yelled even more, because I was scared. I was so scared, that she would get away with me and I would never see my family again.

And that's what happened. The girl dressed up as a bunny jumped in the back of a moving truck. I tried to get out of her arms. I reached my arms out to the reach the edge of the truck, to try and be brave and jump out of the truck.

But the girl caught me around the middle. "No!", I yelled. I didn't want this. I wanted mama, I wanted baby, I wanted grandpa, I wanted uncle, I wanted Otis.

I saw them try and run after the truck. But it was no use. The truck was going to fast. I had tears streaming down my face. I reached my arms out to them. "Mama! Baby! Grandpa! Uncle! Otis!", I cried out to them.

"Angel!", they yelled my name. I could almost see mama and baby crying. But I was getting to far to see if they were or not.

"I'll find you angel! Don't worry, I'll find you!", Otis yelled.

No Otis! I love you.

I tried to struggle out of the girls arms. But she wasn't having it.

"Keep still, you freak, when we get somewhere safe, I'm going to send you somewhere for the nuts, you'll never see your family again", she said sneering at me. I hated her, she took me from my family!

I sneered at her and clawed her across the face. My nails were pretty sharp, so they left a good scratch. She hissed in pain. "You little bitch!", she yelled at me before hitting me across the face.

Making it lights out for me

I just wanted a nice Halloween with my family and yet this happens. Why? Why me? Why was I taken from my family? The love of my life? From my happy life? Why was it all happening to me? It wasn't fair. I wanted to go home. I wanted to be home with mama, baby, grandpa, tiny, Rufus, uncle, and be in the arms of Otis, when ever he gives me one of his hugs I love.

But now it all seems like a nightmare, and it's none of the ones I like. It all seems like a bad nightmare, and I just wanted to be back home, with my family.

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