Complicated Breathing- Prologue

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Complicated Breathing.



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The cold chilly autumn wind blew through my gold locks. I was wearing a soft lavender cashmere sweater that wasn't practical for this kind of weather. The sun was hidden, it was only hours away till morning. I always came to the woods in the morning, when I always had nightmares, to read J.K Rowling or Charles Dickens. My favorite authors since diaper days. I always thought of the path to the woods like the Yellow Brick Road as the pavement was always yellow.

The sound I heard were the roots chomping as I stepped in them with my Alexander McQueen flats. Crows were chirping, Woodpeckers pecking, Canadian blossoms blooming. But, I heard a voice, sounding like a whisper. Many times, I had walked through the forest in the nightfall, without a doubt, no sounds. This was getting bloody freaky.

I looked up, down, side to side, and clenched my hard-covered books for protection to smack the predator in the head.

"Well, well, young lady, what is a pretty mere mortal doing in this vengeful forest" a male voice hissed at me. It was rather obvious, since he had a deep voice.

"Calm down, this is just a dream, a bashful dream. Pinch myself, maybe I am dreaming"

I started hyperventaling. I said it aloud, so "it" can hear me.

I started to walk fast and my superior knowledge told me that he was following me. I heard rattling behind the clasped leaves by the heavy rain & wind and pitter patter of his Converse shoes, or at the very least, is what I thought.

"What's the hurry, darling? The party's just beginning" the voice once hissed at me again.

"You, creeper! Screw you, you pungent monster!" Okay, I know I overreacted, but it was just too much. The whispering, the crunches, the noises. There were only two noises I knew: my heart beating, and my conscience telling me.

All of a sudden, something leapt behind me & pinned me against the hard tree. I dropped my two books, despiting the horror between my eyes. My arm was blistering with a scrape of blood. He looked hungrily at my arm, drooling and his spit spun around at my shoe.

"This will only hurt just a little bit, girlie" I had no words left in me. A sharp pain blew through my whole entire body, sending a shock. It felt like two sharp machetes were carving a piece of lint into my neck. It felt as though one sharp fang was eating my whole body & having no blood left over. That's how I felt. My skin turned cold and hard like granite, my heart ceases to beat and my eyes turned crimson red. I am now a newborn, a newly created vampire.


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