Perfect Fan 5-6

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8:00am at a Talk show

"hey, and welcome to david show. Our guess today is Justin Bieber!" said david " Thanks david " siad justin. "So tell me how the tour and how the fans?" he siad. "Well the tour is pack and the fans loud as always" justin responded. " What about that girl chealse" he siad " charlie" responded justin. " yeah, so anything some dirty deets or just friends."david said "No, where just friend" he siad. "Oh okay take it slow i get it. So charlie what was your reaction when you won to be the winning fan" said david. " Well I was very happy cuase he like an awsome artist". said charlie as she took a glass of water. Thinking not. "Okay there will be more question to answer after this short break" said david. " Hey charlie im gonna go on the back so if you want stay here." said justin " like im giong anywhere"? said charlie. He smiled and kiss her on the cheek. ( oh brother ) thought charlie. Well no one was paying attetion to her. The producers talking, David eating and Justin in the bathroom. So she grab her small purseand took out a little bottle. She put 3 dropsin his water. It was a liquid that make people barth when they eat something terrible. here come david and everyone else. It would be fun if i put some in davids. Charlie thought and do. " Okay, justin Time to answer some question from the audience." said david. There was a crowd of girls in the back. "umm, you on the shirt with - my face-on-it?" justin siad freaked out. " Okay what make you you?" she siad " UHH me?" he siad. " Okay how would you feel if some one i dont know pretty like me and not charlie was with you" said the girl. " uhh, umm i dont know well it really depends i guess". said justin " yeah he like cute brown eyes not stuck up green ones" said charlie. "Oh, burn!" siad david. " haha, well justin what if i said i like you and kiss after that what would you feel." said the girl Then justin felt funny cuase he drank the glass of water before he answered the question. The he barth all over the floor and made face! It was hilarious. the girl started crying cuase she thought thats how he felt. " Oh damn okay thats all for today folks... C'mon the floor new can someone clean this mess!" said david. Charlie smiled and and stood up and look at the girl and wink her. The girl was up[set and left. " Oh justin are yuo ok" said charlie with sympathy. " Move charls. Ok justin can you ing or breath" said maros. " yeah yeah" he responded. " what hapened?" said marcos. " I dont know I felt sick then i barth all over the floor." said justin. " You must of ate something" siads marcos.

3:37pm the hotel room.

It was everywhere the news, the magazine, and the papers. They made a youtube video that repeat several times when he barth on the talk show. Then david was on the media talking bad about justin. "Justin emberrase me on my show ! how dare justin" said david. Then few minute later he barthed. It even more hilarious. justin was laughing. well he kinda barth later cuase she only put one drop but still is funny stuff. " Well my whole day wasnt ruin, atleast your here charlie" he siad. "charlie?" he asked " here! the bathroom" she said. He walk towards the bathroom and look at her. she was with short and waering his sweater like always and black converse. " How come you're always wearing my sweater?" said justin " How come you never knock?" said charlie. " I do im a perfet gentlemen" he siad. " Sure you made the girl cry after the grand ending" she said. "Oh well would of clean her like this" Said justin. He grab the head shower and wet charlie. "oh no you didnt" she said laughing. There wetting each other and there where drenched head to toe. The bathroom look like it rian there very hard. There both running aroun the bathroom cuase it was pretty big. especially the bath tub. So charlie hid in the tub and justin found her and grab the head shower agian and wet her but gently on the head. then he put it down and put his hand on her hair. She look down and started to think he not that bad of a guy. He kissed her out of no where. She turn red and out of no where came marcos and saw them. He was in shock and justin was red. " I thought you where to young for this but what do I know" marcos said while leaving.

While charlie was drying her hair justin was outside to marcos. " you cant let her distract you" said marocs. " She not she just a fan" said justin " yeah a fan you kiss in the tub" said marcos. " we had clothe on nuthing bad we where just playing." said justin " yeah to much now dont you ever do that agian. She like a virus" said marcos. " oh shut up marcos she more like a rose" said justin. Justin went inside his room as marcos went to his own room. " hey charlie."said justin " hey " said charlie. She was wearing anothershirt of his. It was so long it cover her shorts. She had long black sock and his cap on. " what are you barbie" said justin " why are you wearing my clothes"? asked him. " Cuase i like big shirts and no im not barbie more like a cheerleader." she said. " yeah well go to bed is late." said justin " but is 4:00 is not more to sleep this early" said charlie. " It is when you have to go to a concert at night" said justin. Charlie walk towards justin and loook at him. " am I reall a virus" she asked. " you heard.." justin siad she turned and left to her side of the bed and it had a small teddy bear on top. " so that yours." said justin. " yeah my father gave to me" she siad " How is he?" he asked. " he died car crash" she responded. " Oh im so sorry" he with sympathy. " yeah not easy when watch it all happended in the back seat." said charlie. she started tearing up cuase this was no lie. She had a photo of him inside the bear. justin walk towards her and hug her " im sorry " he said. " you know your not like any girl your different i like it" he siad " yuo just feel bad for me" she said. " no i mean it" he said. he pop kiss her and then went to bed.

Chapter 6

7:00 concert.

" said justinThank you everyone good night! love you all!" said justin he went backstage with marcos. " hey we have to fix this mess with david." said marcos. " How what story is gonna cover this mess" said justin. " yuo and charlie a fan falling inlove with the star and if that story come out big hit an your back on top" said marcos. " I dont know she been through alot" said justin. " hey you want mc barthy to come out you need to do desprate thing for desprate measure. " said marcos. "Find I'll do it.'' Said justin. " so justin this about you and charlie is true" asked the media. " so you guys kiss yet"they asked agian. " yeah in the bathroom" said marcos. " shut up marcos!" said justin. " okay we got to go bye" said marcos. as they walk towards the limo and they drove them back to the hotel. " why did you say that" said justin " cuase we need a story justin " said marcos. " that was private" said justin. They walked upstair and as soon justin got in she slap him in his face. " why was I being use what am I bait!" sain charlie " I trusted you now your like marcos mess up" said charlie. " I didnt want to do it" siad justin " But you did!" she said. " charlie dont get mad at me" said justin " To bad cuase i am" said charlie.

when everyone went to bed charlie was reading the e-mail from her journlist class was there. She sent more e-mails about marcos this time and about his behavior. She aslo was planning everything for tomorrow. Before anything she put sleeping pills on his water before bed. So she took him outside and left in the middle of the hall way and this she let him know it was her by leaving a note.

Morning 8:00

giggles. jutin heard thise giggle and thought he was dreaming until he woke up. " omg! how did i getr here!" he said " I dont know but im here" said some random girls. " Charlie!" said justin. " charlie who charlie said some girl.

chapter 7

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