The Reason I Am Not Updating

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Hello guys,
I know I am making all of you wait for too long for a update but things have been a bit tough for a while.

My father suffered from a cardiac arrest at the start of the month and was admitted in the hospital. He us back home but in the month of October he will have to visit the hospital once again where they will decide if he needs a heart surgery and currently is on bedrest. I had to also shift.

Even if things are  better now I just don't find myself in the mood to write or can't think about a good plot or good lines. I don't want to write something half heartedly or hastily just for the sake of an update or anything short which might disappoint you guys and then the plot will be all over the place.

I will update soon in some time. Maybe even in a few days, once my mind is at peace. Besides that I am also in the last year of my highschool now so I might need some more time as I also have to concentrate on my studies.


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