Hongjoong/Wooyoung - Showtime *M**Request*

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At that moment Hongjoong felt his heart jump into his throat.

What the hell had his boss signed him up for?

The director called for action and water started to pour out of the shower head. Hongjoong watched as the actor moved under the water and tilted his head back and ran his hands over his body, emphasizing how sexy he already was.

Then a second actor entered the set. He was gorgeous as well as he tilted his head back and ran his hand through his blonde hair. His sharp jawline was accented by the motion and his eyes narrowed, giving him an almost sinister look.

Only then did Hongjoong realize what the job was.

He was shooting a porn video. He was about to watch two people have sex in front of him with no shame.

Hongjoong was in such a daze as he felt his instincts take over and he picked up the camera to move closer as the blonde actor descended on the other.

He didn't hear any words as his brain was too muddled. It took all his concentration to keep the camera steady as he zoomed in on the taller sucking on the shorter's neck, pinning him against the shower walls.

The moans of the black haired actor were like music to his ears and he could feel the pressure building in his jeans.

He could barely contain himself when the blonde finally forced his length inside the younger. Their bodies glimmered in the light of the set as the water flowed over them, keeping them both slick as the younger was pounding into the wall.

Hongjoong would switch up the shots, getting a close up on where they were connected followed by a shot of one of their faces.

At one point, he could have sworn the ravenette tried to make eye contact with him, but he was too focused on his work to notice.

Once both boys climaxed and shared one last kiss, the director called cut and Hongjoong quickly fled to hide in the shadows. He sure hoped all the moving he did helped to hide his erection but now he had to figure out how to hide it.

Hongjoong couldn't help himself, though, as he watched the actors exit the set in different directions. His eyes followed the younger as he wrapped himself in a towel again and went to stand by a clothing rack.

"Do you do your own editing?" The director asked, making Hongjoong jump.

"Y-Yes, Sir." He said, turning around to face him.

"Ok, I expect an edited cut by the end of the week."

Hongjoong nodded and started to pack up his gear. He looked around for the actor again, but he was nowhere to be found.

Just as he was about to leave, the director came running over to him again. "Hongjoong! I really hate to do this, but can I ask you a favor?"

"Um, sure?"

"I'm gonna kill him, but Wooyoung walked off with one of our costumes again. Can I get you to go by his address and get it? I'd do it myself but I have another set coming up." The man handed him a piece of paper. "You can just bring it to me when you bring me the edited footage."

Hongjoong just nodded and left quickly. Which one was Wooyoung? He secretly prayed it was the ravenette as he plugged the address into his phone to get directions.

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