China x Reader

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Here is China! I am sorry if it is not the best, when I make China one shots, my mind goes blank. It completely screws me over. I hope you like it though! Don't remember to suggest because after I make the G8 and Canada I will have no idea where to start.


The pond shimmered under the sunset. It gave off an orangish-pinkish glow. Cherry Blossems slowly floated off the tree and softly landed in the water, making little ripples in the water. 

You were admiring yourself in the water when China's reflection joined you.

"Hello ____. Sure is nice, aru."

"It sure is. So what brings you here China?"

"I like to visit every once and a while," he said, "It is very relaxing and on nights like tonight, and tonight I get more than one amazing thing to admire."

You blushed, realizing he was talking about you. China was your best friend but you had no idea he liked you like this. You think you felt the same.

"_____, I would like you to come over to my house, aru" He stared deeply into you (e/c) eyes with his soft brown ones as he tucked a strand of loose hair behind your ear.

"O-ok. Yeah sure, I would love to." You stuttered. 

He pulled up his sleeve a little so he could grab your hand. 

The both of you walked on the sidewalk that twisted and turned through the park before you came up to the small little cozy house that belongs to China. 

He took you inside and got you something to drink. Panda crawled up on your lap and rubbed his head against your chest, begging to be pet.

"Well hello there Panda. How are you?" You scratched him behind the ear and he rolled over on his back. He loved to be pet on his stomache. 

China was eyeing the panda in your lap with a confused look in his eye.

"Something wrong China?"

"Well, Panda usually only acts like this around me. He doesn't like to be tounched by anyone else. You must be very special, aru."

You giggled then Panda climbed out of your lap and went over to a little bed that China made just for him.

"_____, I have liked you for a long time, aru, and I would like to know if you will go out with me?"

You were shocked but you said yes. "I love you China."

"And I love you my little panda." He brushed another loose strand of hair behind your hair and sealed this day with a kiss.


I AM SORRY IF IT'S BAD! I TRIED WITH CHINA AND THAT'S WHAT CAME TO MIND! Yeah, but I do hope you like it. I might make a do over chapter if this one isn't good enough. Also, HEY BAYLEE YOU GOT A CHAPTER ABOUT YOUR MOM!!! (My friend looks like she is China and Britain's love child XD) 

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