Chapter 40

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The Gremory section of the Underworld was considered the largest section out of the four in the Underworld. The overview was quite astonishing. For new devils, this would be the total opposite of what the legends they heard of.

In the Gremory Palace, Rias and her house were accompanying her parents for dinner. This was the evening before the trip to Kyoto. Rias sat next to her mother, while giving Issei a glare because of him looking at her 'assets'. Millicas sat across from Rias. The rest of Rias' house sat along the dining table. However, their attention was caught when Millicas suddenly jumped from his seat and darted to the door.

"Shane and Venom are here!" The little boy yelled in excitement. Everyone gave a confused look.

"I thought he and Irina were out on a date. That's what she told me" Xenovia spoke.

Millicas ran through the halls until he came up to the main hall and saw the host of the symbiote and devil commander. He was accompanied by Irina, Ravel, and Bruce.

"Shane and Venom!" The little boy ran and gave Shane a hug.

"Hey there buddy" Shane crouched down to talk to him. "I see that you sensed that we were here"

Millicas nodded his head quickly. "Mhm! Because of what Venom did"

This confused the other three, "What did Venom do?" Irina asked.

"Well, we gave a piece of ourselves to little Millicas to track us when we come to the underworld. This happened after the incident with your ignorant boyfriend"

"Hey!" Shane yelled. Rias and her parents came around the corner to see the group. Shane stood up and bowed to Mr. and Mrs Gremory.

"Good to see you Mr and Mrs Gremory."

"Always a pleasure to see you Shane and Venom. And I must say, Irina, that dress looks perfect on you." Mrs.Gremory replied. Irina had a small blush

"Thank you. It's an honor to be in a palace of a great devil, I never thought an angel like myself would have such an opportunity"

"Don't worry about it" Mr.Gremory smiled. Rias then spoke up,

"Shane and Irina, what brings you here? Xenovia said you were out on a date. You two do look great"

"Well, SirZechs sent Ravel and Bruce to get me" he rolled his eyes. "We were enjoying our date, but I guess he needs to see me immediately."

Ravel huffed, while Bruce laughed.

"Wait, brother is here?" Rias asked her parents. They both nodded, "yes, he would actually like to speak to both Shane and you"

"Well, let's get to it" Shane replied walking ahead of the two. Irina and Rias were quick to catch up. Irina grabbed his hand and gave him a small smile. Ravel and Bruce went with Millicas back to the dining hall to be with the others.

"I sense someone else here and we aren't going to like it"

"Tell me something I dont know V" Shane replied walking through the Gremory palace. They made their way around the place until they spotted SirZechs and Sairaorg just outside, near the garden. They were patiently waiting for Shane and Rias.

"Sairaorg" Venom growled. Shane shook his head.

"Brother! So good to see you, as well to you Sairaorg" Rias ran up to them. Shane and Irina was quick to follow behind.

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