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*Author's P.O.V.*

You sat at the desk in your room, scribbling down answers on the paper in front of you. Today was a difficult day. You're teacher ripped up a piece of art you were making during class, along with yelling at you for 5 minutes. You may be wondering, 'How would that me my day difficult?'. Well, the kids at school had always picked on you, and it's always embarrassing when you get yelled at in class. 

These students would take every given chance to make you feel bad about yourself. Whether it be making fun of your looks, or telling you your hobbies or opinions were horrible, they would always find a way. 

You let out a sigh as you finished the assignment, taking your sketchbook out and sketching a picture of a wolf. As you continued working on the piece, you heard a knock on your window. You hesitantly got up, making your way to the window directly next to your bed. 

You opened the curtains to see your only friend, Jeffrey Woods. "Jeff.." you mumbled as you opened the window, letting him jump onto your bed. "Y/N.." He had tears in his eyes. "Jeff.. What's up?" You embraced him. 

You and Jeff had been friends since childhood. You suspected Jeff was here to vent. He had been emotional ever since his brother got taken away. you were always there to balance each other out. He would only show his vulnerable side to you.

"It's Liu.." he squeezed your hand. "I get it.." You had lost your brother a few years ago to a car crash, so you could relate to him on grieving levels. "he shouldn't have taken my place.. It was my fault.. I don't know why he did it.." Tears dripped down his face. You wiped the tears away. 

"Jeff. He loved you. He wouldn't do that if he didn't.. Plus, he'll be back." You smiled at him. It was Friday. (*Cough cough* Day before he decided, "Welp! Time to get *whips* burnt.")Tomorrow, Jeff had to go to some stupid party for some kid's birthday. "You think the party's a good idea?" He let out a groan.

"Oh right. Great. Some stupid party to kill my mood once more." You giggled. "Don't feel so down about it! I'm sure it'll be fun!" He grinned. "You see the best in everything, you know that, right?" You shook your head. "So, you gonna stay all night? Or.." He tensed up. "What..?" You slapped him on the back. "I was just kidding." He got off your bed, wiping the remaining tears off of his face. "I should go. See ya later, nerd." He exited through your window. 

You fell back onto your bed, laying your arm over your eyes. "God.. You're such an idiot." You smiled, letting out a sigh. "Can't even use the front door.." Your smile grew wider. You had realized months ago that you had feelings for Jeff, but didn't tell him. You wouldn't risk ruining your friendship with him. 

You looked over at your alarm clock. 10:45. "Guess I'll go to sleep." You changed out of your school clothes, changing into something more comfortable and turned your light off, getting in bed. "Goodnight, world."

*Time skip to 2pm the next day. Why? Why not?*

"Honey!" Your mother called your name. "Jeff's mother would like to talk to you." You walked out of your room, 'Wonder what that's about..?' you thought. You got your phone from your mom. "Hello? Y/N?" The voice on the other line sounded sad and desperate. "Yes? It's me." You replied. "Y/N.. It's about Jeff." 

Your heart skipped a beat.

"Yes? What about him?" Your arms started shaking. You hoped nothing bad happened. "Jeff.. He's in the hospital. These boys at the party.. They came with guns. Jeff got covered in alcohol and bleach and was.." Tears ran down your cheeks. "They burnt him alive."The voice on the other end was quaky. "W-what..?" You couldn't breathe. Your heart was racing. "The hospital.. It's our local hospital.. You're welcome to visit whenever you like.." There was sobbing on the other line. 

You hung up, dropping the phone and running out the door. You got on your bike and peddled as fast as you could to the local hospital. As you got there, you stumbled to park your bike, falling and scraping your knee in the process. (Clumsy beach--) You ran inside. 

"H-hello? I'm here for Jeffery Woods..!" Tears continued to drip down your cheeks. "Ah, yes.. He's in critical condition right now.. You wont be able to see him.." Your heart was filled with anger. "BULL!!" You screamed. "I need to see him!" You clenched your fists. You could see the image of you punching the woman in front of you. "*Miss/Sir/Other* (I apologize for my lack of pronouns. I'll be sure to research more.), I understand how frustrated you might be, but you can't see him right now." 

Hot tears streamed down your face. "Fine." You left, mumbling curses under your breathe. "Stupid hospital.." More tears slipped down your cheeks, you rid back to your house. Your mother was waiting there for you. "Y/N.. What happened?" You ran into your room, slamming the door and diving into your bed. You screamed into your pillow. You mind was flooded with images of you and him together. "Why him?!" Your mother walked into the room.

"Y/N, sweetie, what happened?" You sat up, hugging her and crying into her shoulder. (Love your chaperone, kids.) You explained what happened. "What if he doesn't turn out okay..?" She patted your back. "He'll be fine. He's a fighter. He wont give up on life, I'm sure of it." You nodded.

*Time skip to when he gets his bandages off and becomes a psycho--*

you rubbed the sleep from your eyes as you sat up in bed. You brushed you hair, got your clothes on, the regular routine. Ever since Jeff had been in the hospital, you were in this.. "depressed" mood. You missed him so much. you weren't sure when he would get out. * R i n g * you looked at your phone, a call from Jeff's parents. You were expecting an update, maybe a date for when he got out, but you didn't get your hopes up. You answered the call.

"Hello?" You let out a yawn. "Y/N! He woke up! He's out!" You eyes widened. "Really? Can I go to the hospital? Am I allowed to see him?" "Of course!" They answered. You hung up and got your shoes on. "Mom! He woke up!" You ran outside, got on your bike, and raced to the hospital. You asked the woman at the front for Jeff's room number. You raced to the room as soon as you got the answer. 

You burst through the door. "Jeff! Jeff are you oka-" you were cut off when you saw his face. "Jeff..?" His skin was white, and his once brown hair was now black. "Jeff.." He looked like a completely different person. He just stared into the mirror, a creepy smile on his face. you raced towards him. 

You hugged him, burying your face into his chest. "Jeff! I was so worried.. Are you okay?!" He looked down at me, the smile wider. "Do you like my face..?" I nodded. "You look beautiful. Never doubt that." You didn't care how he looked. He was still Jeff. He wiped the tears from my eyes. "I do look beautiful.. Thank you." He was running his hands over his face. His mother looks at me. "We should get him home. He's been acting strange. The doctor said it's because of the painkillers." I nod. "Bye, Jeff." He waved, the same strange smile on his face. 

As you rid home, the depressing mood from earlier faded away. You ran into your house and hugged your mom. "He's back. He looks different, though." She smiled. "I told you he'd be okay." "Thank you, mom." You smiled back at her.

*Time skip to 1am..*

I woke up to banging on my window. I opened it, expecting Jeff. But who jumped in scared me. It was Jeff, but his face.. It was lacking eyelids.. His mouth was cut into a smile.. "Jeff? Jeff?! What happened?!" You cupped his bloody, leathery, face in your hands. "I killed them.. Mom and dad are gone.. Liu is too." You stared at him, wide eyed. "Jeff.." He took out a knife. You knew he wouldn't hurt you. 

"Lets run away.. Together." The blood from his mouth dripped onto the floor. You stared into his psychotic eyes. "Okay." You hugged him, and though you were scared, you still felt the same for him. "Jeff." He looked down at you. "Yeah?" You took his hands into yours. "I love you. So much. No matter what. It doesn't matter who you kill or what you do to make yourself look prettier." He stared at you. "You're as crazy as I am, you know that, right?" You laughed to yourself. "Let's run away." You kissed him, blood got onto your face. He kissed you back. "Lets go."

You wrote a note to your mom, telling her you left. "I love you, mom." You jumped out of the window, Jeff following you. 

"The crazy things people do for love."

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