Chapter Four

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When Lyanna was back from hunting along with five knights, one of them managed to wound the boar and then she made a final blow, killing the boar. Hunting was another thing that her father taught her. The knights took the dead boar into the kitchen, while Lyanna took her horse into the stables, and Visenya wandered off, maybe to her brothers, Summer and Shaggydog. She remembered when her brothers, Robb and Jon brought the direwolves into Winterfell, they were just puppies, her father allowed them to keep the pups unless they feed and train the pups themselves. Lyanna named her's Visenya after a Targaryen Queen, one of Aegon The Conquerer's wives, she fought in the battles and she was a dragon rider.

"How was the hunt?" The Reed boy had come into the stables, she didn't even heard him coming in and Visenya was beside him.

She looked at him strangely, last time they spoke was yesterday when he told her she was part of Visenya. Lyanna acted none of it ever happened. "Fine" she replied and continue brushing her horse. "Came to bicker more about me being a wolf?"

"You are a wolf, aren't you? All Starks are wolves" He said it like she was stupid.

She didn't say anything, she was beginning to find this boy rather annoying. Yet; a part of her admits that Jojen seemed interesting. She ignored what he said, "Supper tonight is boar, you and your sister are welcome to join"

Jojen pet her horse while she continue brushing, Visenya rested on the ground, Lyanna undid the strap of the saddle. Without asking, Jojen did the other side. He did not say anything, was he waiting for her to say something?

So she did say something because it was getting uncomfortable, especially with silence. "I apologize if I was rude to you and your sister yesterday. I feel...terrible about it"

"You weren't rude, I understand you're overprotective to your brothers" He glanced at her over the horse. "You find me annoying, Meera did too"

For a moment, Lyanna nearly thought he was reading her mind. She pulled the saddle off of the horse's back and placed it on the railing behind her. "Uh...I don't really think you're annoying, but a little irritating because you kept talking and you angered my brother" she said nervously, she didn't want to be rude again "I just think you're quite strange... I think your stories are interesting"

"They're not stories"

Here we go, she thought. "It's just...hard to believe...and maybe if you tell me one of dreams, I'll remember them"

"You really want to hear them?" He asked looking all surprised.

She shrugged, "I got nothing to do until dinner and I'm very curious to hear your...dreams"

Lyanna went out of the stables as Jojen followed, she made her way to the godswood to take Visenya there. "The green dreams take strange shapes sometimes," Jojen admitted as they walked together. "The truth of them is not always easy to understand."

"Tell me the bad thing you dreamed," Lyanna said. "Bran told me about the bad thing that is coming to Winterfell."

"Does my lord prince and my lady princess believe me now? Will they trust my words, no matter how queer they sound in their ears?"

Lyanna shrugged, "He'll come around though, and here I am, wanting to hear about your dreams. Is that enough for you tell me?"

"It is the sea that comes."

"The sea?"

"I dreamed that the sea was lapping all around Winterfell. I saw black waves crashing against the gates and towers, and then the salt water came flowing over the walls and filled the castle. Drowned men were floating in the yard. When I first dreamed the dream, back at Greywater, I didn't know their faces, but now I do. That Alebelly is one, the guard who called our names at the feast. Your septon's another. Your smith as well."

"Mikken?" Lyanna was as confused as she was dismayed. "But the sea is hundreds and hundreds of leagues away, and Winterfell's walls are so high the water couldn't get in even if it did come."

"In the dark of night the salt sea will flow over these walls," said Jojen. "I saw the dead, bloated and drowned."

"Do you think I have to tell them?" Lyanna asked, the dream sounded strange and entirely impossible. "Alebelly and Mikken, and Septon Chayle. Tell them not to drown."

"It will not save them," replied the boy in green. Meera was by the gates, chopping some wood as they pass her by. "They will not believe, Lyanna. No more than you did."

The way Jojen looked at Lyanna made her to look away. "Tell me what you dream."

She wasn't sure if she wanted to, even then, but she had sworn to trust them, and a Stark of Winterfell keeps her sworn word. "There not the same as Bran's, I don't think mine are worth to tell" she said slowly. "I'm not here to speak with you just to tell you about my dreams. They're not...important"

"But you're confused" he said, she noticed he was same height at her. "You dream the same thing every night"

Lyanna was a bit scared as she said "How'd you--?..." She paused, shaking her head, "Never mind..."

They were walking on the trail that leads to godswood while Visenya followed behind them. "Like I said yesterday, I felt you in Visenya when I touched her... Last night, I dreamt you were standing in the godswood"

She did dreamt she was in godswood last night and she was--

"and you caught a squirrel"

How does he know? Could his green dreams be real? Lyanna didn't say anything, she did caught a squirrel last night in her dreams...with her own mouth. I must not show that I'm afraid now. She began to think that she should believe him, but she still wasn't convinced. His dreams sounded too strange. "I dream I was Visenya" She said, decided to share, "They began since my father was killed. There was this one dream I saw him die, a knight holding my father's sword...that was the day before I found out he died. Then I began to dream of Visenya, I was her--" She glanced back at her wolf and so did Jojen then they both looked at each other for a moment. She looked as she continued "--I was hunting, running, killing small animals, playing with Shaggy and Summer. I once cried out for others, Greywind, he's Robb's wolf. Ghost, Jon's wolf. Nymeria, Arya's wolf. And Lady, Sansa's wolf, Lady was executed by the King and Queen's orders. I was crying... So did Shaggy and Summer. In the dreams, I feel her pain..."

"Warg," said Jojen Reed.

Lyanna looked at him, her eyes wide. "What?"

"Warg. Shapechanger. Beastling. That is what they will call you, if they should ever hear of your wolf dreams."

The names made her afraid again. "Who will call me?"

"Your own folk. In fear. Some will hate you if they know what you are. Some will even try to kill you."

Old Nan told scary stories of beastlings and shapechangers sometimes when she was same age as Bran. In the stories they were always evil. "I'm not like that," Lyanna said. "I'm not. It's only dreams."

"The wolf dreams are no true dreams. You have your eye closed tight whenever you're awake, but as you drift off it flutters open and your soul seeks out its other half. The power is strong in you."

"I don't want it. I want to be--" She paused for a second to think then replied "--normal"

"A normal person is what you want. A warg is what you are. You can't change that, Lyanna, you can't deny it or push it away. Bran is different, he is the winged wolf, but he will never fly." Jojen explained. "Unless he opens his eye." He put two fingers together and touched his own forehead between the eyes.

When they arrived at the godswood, Shaggy and Summer were, sniffing and looking for food. Lyanna did not notice Visenya had a squirrel in her mouth. The direwolf moved to her brothers, Visenya dropped the dead squirrel and then Shaggy and Summer both ripped the dead animal in half.
"Do you see what you and Visenya have in common?" Jojen asked.

Lyanna carefully looked, Visenya was sitting and watching her brothers eating. She didn't know what Jojen was talking about.

"She takes care of her brothers like you take care of yours" He answered.

Lyanna was so surprised to finally notice that. She had seen Visenya taking care Shaggy and Summer more than herself. Just like Lyanna, she takes care of Bran and Rickon than herself.

"You and Visenya have same personality and same heart. You hunt for Bran and Rickon. She hunts for Summer and Shaggy. You fear for your family, as she fears for her's. That's why you're protective to your brothers"

Lyanna didn't say anything, she didn't know what to respond to that, but she would thank him for making her notice Visenya. All she did was she spoke to her wolf and told her to stay. She and Jojen head back to the castle. "Alright then..." Lyanna said, "You had convince me then... But a part of me believes you and the rest of me is still in process..." She had take a liking towards Jojen, but not more than a like, she just liked the boy now like she wanted to be friends with him now.

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