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"For the love of God I really hope you're dead or next, to it why are you calling me at...10: 30 pm."
I heard my best friend's familiar chuckle come over the speaker. "Oh don't be mad at me Brian" I could hear the loud music and the jumbled voices of the large crowd he was in."

"No," I said before he even asked me
"You don't even know"
"Yes I do, I'm not coming to pick you up later." He let out a false gasp to the accusation I made, "you are such a hateful person Bunny" "that's not helping your case." He laughed nervously "yeah I know, listen I just need you to come and stay for a bit and then we can leave."

"Why would I come to a party I don't want to be at, especially when I don't even want to be awake right now." There was a pause and I knew it was a lost cause to try and disagree. "I'm only staying till 1 am" he shouted in victory "Oh hell yeah, listen I just need you to come and you can chill in the guest bedroom till then" I rolled my eyes at the offer. Throwing my feet over my bed and stretching out my limbs that had just gotten settled for bed. "I'll be there in ten minutes meet me at the door" not waiting for him to answer I hung up and started to pull my shoes on.

Showing up to a party in sweatpants, a tee-shirt, unfashionable jackets, black crocs, and half brushed teeth probably sounds like social suicide. But seeing as how I'm freshly graduated from high school whatever anyone wants to spread about me around school doesn't bother me in the slightest.

As told Avery was stood on the front porch of the house as I walked up after having to park a few houses down. He smiled at me and looked already buzzed, "oh god, hey Brian" he cried with joy. I dodged his attempted hug "don't hey me, you know I told you I wasn't gonna do this anymore. I put my GPA at risk for the sake of your alcoholic tendencies." I said jabbing a finger of judgment at him. "Ok, ok," he said showing hands of surrender "look just get upstairs set an alarm do something until it's time to go." I sighed and followed him inside, and like I imagined I hated it instantly, there were too many people and the music was too loud. Trying to even listen to everyone talking at once was aggravating and causing a headache. I  shifted and maneuvered my self to avoid touching anyone. 

Walking to the stairs Avery pointed up then and leaned into my ear. "Go upstairs, it's the last door on your right" he shouted and I nodded and hurried up the stairs. I saw the hall ground with people trying to use the bathroom or just loitering around.

Finding the door I was supposed to stay in I was relieved to finally be able to relax even a little.

Upon opening the door I probably should've knocked or something. But instead I walked right in and I wanna say I walked in on someone having sex or anything other than what I had.

But I walked in on someone buy drugs instead.

Three boys stood in a room, one of them was a junior now senior at my old high school whose name I didn't know and didn't care to know. The other two were boys I didn't recognize, I watched at a transfer of a small bag full of white power was being traded for a roll of money.  I didn't realize my jacket falling out of my hand until it awkwardly hit the floor. We all stood frozen until one of the dealers turned to the senior ready to make some probably accusations about my presence. "Sorry, wrong room!" I cried and in a panic, I shut the door. 

Running down the stairs I started looking for Avery because as of right now I wasn't going to sit and wait for someone to kill me as a witness to something. It the mix of my looking around for someone who should've been easier to spot, due to the fact this isn't my first time pulling him from a crowd, I was faced with two faces that I sadly knew.

The two drug boys spotted me and they looked mad, they made their way towards me and it wasn't in a friendly fashion. I pulled out my phone and started to make my way towards the door as I tried to call Avery. I was leaving, this was not what I signed up for at all. I wasn't for leaving my friend to fend for himself but at this point, I wasn't shutting down the idea.  As I go to the door he hasn't answered, in a hurried tapping I sent him a text in hopes he would see it. Looking up I saw the boys still coming towards me now in a fast-paced walk, it was slow enough to not cause suspension to anyone but me. But after they made eye contact with me the nonsuspicious walk turned into a heavy run through the crowd. My body shifted into a run as well even though god clearly didn't make me out to be a runner. I sprinted down the road three houses down where I saw my car parked.

The sound of their footsteps told me three things, they were really close, really fast, and most likely really tall.  Opening my car door I instantly locked it and went to start the car up. I shoved my hands into my pocket expecting to pull my keys out. Instead, I found nothing, nothing in my left or right pocket. "Oh sh- oh god" I jumped as someone started banging on my window. I froze, hoping that whoever was knocking was just a small elderly lady looking for her cat. Maybe if I hoped extra hard it was the police and I was parked in a row away zone or something. But when I turned, I saw them both standing there one waving my keys and my jacket in the air. In that moment I was very thankful for being the only one who knew the right amount of key wiggle to open my broken car door. I swallowed the lump in my throat, the one behind the taller one was on the phone and I could hear the muffled yelling. "Get out now," The tall one said against the window making me shake my head instinctively. I was getting desperate and would've really rather not involve the police but I took my phone back out and slide over to the emergency keypad.  As I started to dial 911 I heard a shattering sound followed back a brick flying through my window. I felt glass fall onto me I looked up and I felt someone grab my shirt collar and arm. I was being pulled from my car and I could feel pieces of glass scratching and cutting my legs and arms. The boy grabs my ankles shoving me out of the window all the way. "I said to get out of the fucking car, didn't I?" I laid on my back and I felt like the wind from my lungs has been taken away. "I'm sorry" he picked up my phone I had dropped still in the process of calling 911. "I told you he was a snitch didn't I," he asked his friend who had hung up his phone call. "I'm sorry I won't tell, I didn't see anything" I cried, sobs were building up in my throat. I laid on my back bleeding on the side of the road with two drug dealers standing over me. I felt like I was witnessing my last few moments on earth unravel in front of me. The one who pulled me from the car grabbed me by my hair and squatted down to my level. "If I hear that you ever breathed about the fact you saw people who even looked like us. I'll come back and I'll kill you and anyone who has ever spoken to your midget ass" he growled before letting go and sending my head with a thud to the ground.

Authors note: this chapter was fast paced and ugly excuse that.

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