Right before I'm about to open the door, I realise that I've forgotten my phone. Oh no. If Chasity finds it, she'll know it's mine. I quickly turn back. I have to find a way to make my way up the stairs and back down without being seen.

Luckily, I manage to get back into Blake's bedroom without being caught. Chasity is still screaming in the bathroom. I begin to scour the bedroom. I pull open draws. Turn over pillows. I can't find my phone. Where did he put it?

I manage to find it on his desk.

I quickly put it in my bra before turning to make my way out. But it's too late. Chasity's footsteps are nearing and I can hear Blake yelling for her to stop.

As I desperately try to find a place to hide, a gasp makes my eyes go wide and my blood run cold. My mouth goes dry as I turn my face back around. It's Chasity. Silence fills the room as we just stare at each other in disbelief

"Mia..." I hear Chasity whisper. My palms begin to sweat as I watch her lift the lacey underwear up to show me. "Are these yours?"

"Chasi-" Blake tries to interrupt before she hushes him

"You had your chance Blake!" She screams back. "I'm talking to Mia"

I keep silent. My eyes fixed on the panties. I can't speak even if I tried.

"Well Mia?" She says angrily as tears stream down her face.

"They're mine" Blake blurts out. Both me and Chasity turn and stare at him.

"What?" She hisses. "They're yours?"

"Ye-" He begins before I interrupt him.

"Stop Blake" I demand. I give him a sad look. I need to tell the truth.

"Th-They're mine Chas" I sigh.

"Well of course they're yours" she replies back to me before giving Blake an angry look. "I gave them to you the night of the party" she snaps. "Have you seriously been wearing them for 2 days straight?" Her face twists.

Blake turns to look at me. I turn red.

"Mia?" Blake asks. I refuse to look at him.

"Chasity it's only been a day and a half...please" I plead.

Before I can finish, she throws the panties at me. They land on my face before they drop to the floor. Tears of fury and embarrassment stain my cheeks.

"I gave you everything!" Chasity hisses at me through gritted teeth. "Clothes? Food? A place to stay? I gave you ALL of that! All I asked is that you don't go for Blake. That's all I ever asked! And what do you do? You don't just go for him; you sleep with him!"

"No Chas, you've got it wrong! I promise we didn't slee-" I begin to plead, but she isn't having it.

"Save it Mia, I will never believe anything you say AGAIN!" she yells at me before walking towards me. Rage is written all over her face. My brain doesn't understand what's happening as she closes in. Shock fills my body as I freeze. The closer she gets, her arm begins to raise. Her scream fills the air. Eventually I realise what's about to happen and I scramble backwards.

"CHAS PLEASE!" I scream. Before she can lay a hand on me, Blake grabs her arm.

"Don't touch her" he growls. His chest begins to raise up and down heavily. I've never seen him this angry before.

"Let go of me!" Chasity screams as she lunges at me again, but Blake holds her back.

"If you lay a hand on her-" he doesn't finish the sentence. Instead, his face begins to turn red and his breathing gets louder. Fear begins to form on Chasity's face as she backs down and walks away from me.

"I won't" she hisses at him before flashing me a dark look. "We're done, Mia" she whispers as tears stream down her face. My heart drops and my legs get weak. I've lost my best friend.

"Chasity please I'm sorry" I sob. I try to chase her as she goes down the stairs, but Blake holds me back. I watch her run down the steps.

"No Mia" she yells back as she opens the front door. "I've had enough. You've betrayed me."

I sob and cry for her to come back but all she does is stare at me coldly and turn around. I try to run to her, but Blake holds me back harder. Before she shuts the door, she turns back one last time and stares before opening her mouth. Her words break me.

"Make sure you give me back the dress and heels I lent you for Jasper's party. You don't deserve them!" She screams before shutting the door.

"Chasity!" I howl as Blake pulls me back and holds me tight.

"Shhh" he murmurs. I feel his fingers rub my back as my body shakes. "I've lost my best friend I have nobody else."

Blake pulls back and looks me intensely in the eyes. "You have me."

Normally my heart would've fluttered but this time it didn't. Instead, it filled with rage.

"This wouldn't have happened if you didn't ask me to meet you by the lake!" I scream as I push off of him.

"Mia, what are you talking about?" He asks desperately.

"You should've just left me alone when I asked but you begged me to meet you by the lake to tell me something!" I scream. "But I STILL don't know what you wanted to tell me!" My body shakes with anger.

Blake rakes his fingers through his hair. He's still topless.

"You sure you still want to know?" He asks seriously. What is he trying to hide?

"Uh I literally lost my best friend and almost died!" I scream back.

"Ok ok calm down" he says gently. "I think you should sit down."

I sit back on the bed. "What is it?"

"Mia" he starts off gently. "The reason I fell for you so quickly...it's because I'm different. I'm not like any other guy you've met before."

I stare at him confused. "What do you mean?"

"Mia..." he trails off as he sighs. "I don't know how to say this."

"Baby" I stand up and stroke his face. "You can tell me."

He cups my face. "Mia...I'm a werew-"

Before he can finish, the front door bursts open and an ungodly voice echoes throughout the house.

"BLAKE GRIFFIN!" the voice yells. Blake freezes in my arms.

"Baby, who is that?" My voice trembles.

Blake's body grows colder as he pulls away from me. Worry and fear spread across his face.

"Blake" I plead. "Who is that?" My body shakes.

"T-That's" he starts off. His voice shakes. "That's my father."

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