Chapter 19

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I gulped. I could hear the sound of my heartbeat, it was fast and loud. I'm sure he's heard it too. Why do I have to be in this awkward situation right now? I wasn't ready for this.

"Tessa," He said making me look up at his eyes. That contented look on his face. "It's really you." He said as if he couldn't believe it.

What was I going to say? I felt dumbfounded. And the way he was looking at me wasn't helping at all. Praying silently that the elevator should stop soon, it didn't, in fact, it looks like it was moving slower than usual.

"Answer me." He said. He voice sounded commanding. I remembered when we were together, he was that type of controlling husband.

But, we weren't together anymore and I wasn't going to let him control me. "I don't have to." I said.

"She's my child, right?" He ignored what I said and looked down at Anne. You wouldn't need a DNA test to prove he was Anne's father.

There were lots of similarities between them. He bent down towards Anne, but I didn't know why I pushed her behind me.

He noticed this and stood back up, he tucked his hands in his pockets. "Now, you're not going to let me see my child?"

The elevator stopped right then and I wanted to cry out in joy. "I've every right to see my kid, I'm not going to let you take that away." He said and it was true.

Just calm down and face your past, you know you can't run away from this forever. My subconsciousness scolded.

I think she's right. Let's just get this over with. But sudden dropping this kind of bomb to Anne that he was her dad is something else. She might be happy. But I definitely don't want Carson in my life.

It's your kid's life he's coming in.

"It'd be nice if we go out, i mean.. With my daughter.. You could come too.. I'm free tomorrow.." He said. He was so awkward.

"I can'-"

"Why?" He asked cutting me off. My jaw made a quick clench. "I can't, just say what you want to say here." I said.

"I don't know what got into me, Tessa. Months after you'd left, it kicked in, I searched everywhere for you, tr-" I cut him off. I thought he wanted to talk about Anne, and here he was, saying something I don't want to hear.

I've moved on with my life. Yes, it was really painful after he had cheated on me. I wasn't able to get over it for over a year, I kept mourning like I had lost someone important in my life.

Well, at a point, he was important. "I thought you wanted to talk about Anne,"


"Save it. You're going to talk to her or what? I have something to do right now." I said. He winced slightly at my tone. I don't have to be nice to him.

"Why? Don't tell me you're with another man." Said Carson. Looking at him as if he has gone crazy. How is it even his business. If I have a boyfriend or not, it's not his concern.

"I see you have nothing to talk about." I said grabbing Anne's arm to walk away, but he grabbed my hand before I could move an inch.

"Where are you going? I'm not done talking to you." He was saying something before? Didn't seem so. Calming my self down, i gave him a go ahead only for him to go back to the topic if I was in a relationship or not.

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