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Keira could still remember her sacrifice if she only closed her eyes. 

Every part of it like it happened yesterday. How her stepfather threw her at death's alter to get powers. How she was accused of being evil just because she miraculously survived. How her only friend told her to run away. 

She remembered. As she always would.

How in that stormy night, she lost everything she held dear; family, friends, and her so-called clan. But then again in that very dark time, she found a mentor who taught her to be the powerful witch she always meant to be. She found a clan worth dying for.

She found a man who...despite being a cunning liar once again made her wish things to be different, where she didn't have to feel the pain of losing someone she never truly had. And could you really feel the pain of betrayal if you didn't care for them?

"Run." Keira could hear her mother murmur with a sneer. She could let Keisha do whatever she wanted to. It would be the easiest way out. Keira would never have to feel those emotions again, she didn't have to exist. But Lex, even then had a thing of bringing rage in her bones. And she wanted to channel those rage and hurt to break through the chain holding her in her own mind.

"I won't run, Keisha." Lex took a threatening step toward the woman. "Release her!"

"She doesn't want me to." For the first time, Keisha was telling the truth. Keira really didn't. But that didn't mean she wasn't going to try. So she looked up at the darkness surrounding her and screamed.

The same way souls screamed inside her.

Not a second later, Keira felt a gentle touch on her cheeks. It wasn't coming from outside, no, it was coming from a creature sitting beside her in the dark. She looked down to see the same shackles on the wrists of the person touching her. 

"Who are you?" Keira asked the little kid. The kid shrugged, making herself comfortable on Keira's lap.

"I can be who you want me to be."

Who she wanted to be?

"I want to break this chain." Keira pointed at the thick shackle binding her from taking over her body. "Do you know how?"

"Of course!" The kid let out an excited giggle. "Mommy says we can only break these if our captor dies."

"Captor?" The word didn't sound good coming from a little kid. Who trapped the kid there in the first place? Keira? Or was it Keisha?

Keira looked around her. She could feel the other souls waiting to be free just like her. Shaking her head, she turned to the kid. "Who kept you here? Who is your captor?"

The kid's face fell flat. "I...I don't remember. Mommy says it was a monster with a pure soul."

Keira's breath hitched.

It was her, not Keisha.

That kid, must be one of the souls she took from New York that night with others. And the only way to break the chains was for her to die. She took a deep breath, trying to hide the emotions from surfacing on her face.

", did you ever tried to break it?" Keira hated to sound so hopeful. "Like even a little to get out of this darkness?"

The girl tried to hide her grin but failed. "Umm...please don't tell mommy, but if you face what you fear the most, you can get a glimpse of light. I accidentally saw a boogyman and I didn't cry! From that day, I can break the shackles a little bit. See?"

True to her words, the shackles were loose, almost on the verge of breaking. What did Keira fear most? She didn't have to think too much. She feared her mother taking over everything she loved. She feared that Hannah's soul will never find peace. She feared Dalton would lose his clan once again and most of all...

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