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"I hate you,I hate you soo fucking much,you idiot" I gritted my teeth,and tried to stop the tears that were threatening to flow whilst i hugged knee,he smirked and crossed his arms looking at me intensely with his damn sexy brown duo eyes and his gorgeous sexy face,

'that's not the time to admire him 'i scolded myself

The mothafucking son a dead nasty bitch burned my mom's diary, my moms thoughts,one of the things that I have cherished for eight years

"You dont,you love me" he mused with a raised eyebrow,his smirk growing wider,I just want to punch that gorgeous smirk of his,he was right though, I'll always love the sick fucker no matter what he did to me,I clenched my jaw my nose flaring,throwing him a dirty look

"You have your entire life to be a jerk,why not take a day off?" He chuckled and shake his head his eyes shining brightly,he enjoyed it,the psycho enjoys seeing me weak

"Remember when I asked for your opinion Amber? Me neither"

"I'll stop being a jerk if you stop being a bitch and do as I say,bite me" I bit my tongue from retaliating and fist my palm,he was so getting on my nerves

"You're not the boss of me Blake" he smirked and trudged towards me in four longs strides,considering the fact that he was 6ft

"Mr Ryder for you princess" he was twenty five and a fucking billionaire,whatever was the "business" he does, I had no idea

"respect is earned and not given Mr Ryder"I couldn't just hold it in,this man was a dumbfuck if he thinks he can get what he wants by throwing money on people's face

"I would agree with you,but then,we'd both be wrong,a man like me is respected cause of my high status in the society, fuck in the whole of England" narcissistic bastard,always think money is everything

"Fuck you" I gritted,my patience was wearing off, I was so close to punching his gorgeous face and going all Chihuahua on him I swear,yes I'm that small

"You wish" he grinned and flicked my forehead and walked away

I was so close to losing my patience and burning down his mansion like the sick pyromaniac I am,he is not the only pyromaniac if he thinks he's going to burn my mom's diary and get away with it,he is damn wrong

I have always been patient with him but get ready for world war III Mr Ryder

I went to my room,showered and got dressed in a jeans and a hoodie,my hair was tied in a messy pony tail and I was wearing no makeup, I like going all natural, took my back pack and headed out of my room and downstairs into the kitchen

I entered the kitchen and took an apple and guess who was seated pressing on his phone furiously,

Mr jerky sexy pants

I'm a freaking hormonal teenager,I can't deny the fact that he's drop dead gorgeous,sue me.

His perfectly eyebrows were furrowed, and his straight nose was flared,his brown hair was styled in a quiff with strikes of blonde complimenting it,stubble caresses his cheeks angling his sharp jawline,he was wearing a vest, his bulging muscle in display and it hugged his perfectly sculptured body revealing eight yummy abs

"Staring is rude princess" I bit the side if my cheek and rolled my eyes

"I've seen better" I waved him off and bit on my apple,leaning on the counter

"Where are you heading off to?" He kept his phone and leaned on his chair while he fold his arm

"None of your business" I rolled my eyes and proceeded to head out,he didn't followed me which I was thankful for

I had no idea where I wanted to go I just had to leave that house cause it was suffocating,and the douchebag isn't making it any easier for me

I took my bike and drove around and finally stopped at Starbucks, who doesn't love Starbucks, they've got the bestest coffee ever!!

I got off my bike and entered,ordered myself a coffee and sat down on a booth waiting for my order,the town was oddly quite today

"Here's your coffee miss-?" said a husky voice,I looked up to the waiter and was surprised to see a freaking hot guy,with a messy blonde hair,his eyes were green,like a lush forest,his jaw was set,he had a well sculptured body and yum muscular arms

"Um um" he coughed snapping me out of my daze,I blushed furiously embarrassed he caught me staring

He smiled down at me

"Amber, amber Is my name" I stammered covering it with a cough

"You're cute" he blurted out,a hint of pink on his cheek and the tip of ears

"Thanks"  I tuck the strand of my hair behind my ear,holy Molly sweet jesus what is wrong with me today?! Get your shit straight girl


"Your coffee will get cold love" he was trying to hide his Russian accent,I frowned but smiled nevertheless, he walked away and left me looking at his fine ass


He got a find piece of ass

I sipped my coffee looking outside from the window,the street was empty, only few people roamed on the street

"Frado,on the TV, something big is happening" a waiter shouted

"Oi,right on it bro" frado shouted back,he switched on the TV and a brunette news reporter holding a mic with a look of horror mixed with fear masked on her tanned face

"Just now,the presidents wife was brutally murdered,it is seen that she was stabbed more than five times and was slit by the throat,and from all indications it looked like she was raped before brutally murdered in cold blood,ill advice all of you to lock your doors and stay calm as investigation is being carried on,this is Tracey from tgc news channel" the TV was then switched off and the cafe was pin dropped silent


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