Chappie 3

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Oh crap

****END OF RECAP*****

Will POV

Oh crap, it's my neighbors.

"mom! Dad! It's the neighbors!" I called as I rushed to open the door for them.

A woman in a flowery dress holding cookies smiled at me. Beside her were two girls. One looked about my age and one maybe around 18. The girl around my age was looking down on te ground. She was wearing a blue dress. The one next to her was wearing a ruby red shirt that reached to her thighs and skinny jeans. She was chewing gum and waved. She rushed forward with her sister's wrist in her grip. Her sister tripped over something and fell. I don't recall having anythingon the porch. She must have some skills to fall on a flat surface.

"omigash Mags, stop tripping over everything," the girl said with a drawl as she smile what she mustn't thought was a seductive smile at me, "that's my clumsy sister Mags. I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz." she held out her hand to shake mine.

I shook her hand then moved my attention to her sister on the ground.

"hey are you okay?" I asked.

She blushed a deep scarlet.

"yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for asking unlike some unconcerned people," she sai as she glared at Liz.

I gave her my hand to help her up. As her hand touched mine, I felt something like an electric shock. She pulled back, falling back down. She blushed some more.

"thanks, I'm not usually this clumsy," she said as she got up.

she brushed herself off and said, " hey. My name is Margarita. You can call me Maggie, Mags, or whatever."

" 'Kay Mags. I'm Will nice to meet you," i said with a smile.

I looked towards their mom.

"um, Mrs..."

"Snow," she supplied with an approving smile.

"yes, Mrs. Snow, would you and your daughters like to come inside?" I asked politely.

"why yes thank you. You are such a nice young man," she said.

I smiled and led the way in. My mom rushed in from the kitchen.

"Hello Mrs. Snow-" she started.

"please call me Carole," Mrs. Snow injected.

"alright, Carole. Thank you for coming over and bringing these cookies. I bet they taste delicious," my mom said with a wide smile.

Mags POV

"-thank you for coming over and bringing these cookies. I bet they taste delicious," Will's mom said with a wide smile.

"yes, they are," I said, then covered my mouth with embarrassment, "I'm so sorry."

"it's okay. I'm Mrs. Finch, nice to meet you dear," Will's mom, Mrs. Finch, said, " oh! Please sit down. I'm so sorry, I've kept you standing up."

She ushered us to the couches. We all sat down. Will was stuck between my sister and I. Lizzi was almost sitting on top of him, that's how close she was. I sat, as far away as I could, smelling cat on him.

"so William--" Lizzi said with a seductive smile.

"Will if you please," said Will.

"alright," Lizzi said carelessly, "Will, what school are you going to? What grade are you in? How old are you? What's your favorite color? Favorite animal? What type of girls do you like? What do you like to eat? What's you ideal date?--" Lizzi bombarded him with questions.

"okay, I am going to Springhill High School. {A/N: I made that up} I am in the Tenth grade. I am fifteen. My favorite color is green--"

I muttered, "yeah you would pick your eye color."

He turned to me, "did you say something?"

"n-n-n-no. Nothing at all," I stuttered.

He continued, " my favorite animal is the cat, actually any felines. I don't really have a type of girl. I like to eat fish, well anykind of seafood. My ideal date is going to the movies."

I froze in fear. He liked to eat fish! Did I mention that I was a werefish?!!? Well, now you know. Lizzi's high pitched laughter startled me from my thoughts.

"um...what?" I asked, a bit clueless.

"Will, tell her," Lizzi said, nudging Will on his shoulder.

"what's the difference between a water bottle and puberty?" he asked.

"i don't know?" I shrugged.

"a water bottle hit Justin Bieber," he said, laughing at his own joke.

"um, that was really lame. And don't you like Justin Bieber Lizzi?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"no...who would?" Lizzi laughed nervously and glared at me with a warning in her eyes.

Mrs. Finch and our mom interrupted our conversation.

"it's time to eat!" Mrs. Finch said triumphantly.

The smell of cooked fish wafted from the kitchen. Oh no!


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