part 8 extra long features justin bieber

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hey there guys, so this is a REALLY long chapter. and =it features justin bieber. so yea. hope you enjoy. sorry about spelling mistakes before i begin. AND you really should get justin bieber's my worlds acustic. :D and mitchel mussu's brain sotmr. follow me on twitter, lilacluvar57. or email me at, or message me on watt pad.

when i had finished acolyting with the butt head i stormed down the stairs to the acolyting room.

i pretty much ripped off my robe after and stormed out.

"MASSIE" i heard joe say, i didn't feel like giving him the time of day even so i continued to walk. unfortunately i put my ear buds in and didn't notice him come up behind me until i grabbed me by the waist. i instantly tensed and he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the godly play class room. "wat sup with you? we use to be best friends"

"oh i dont know, maybe because my best friend ignored me for weeks. i diddnt even get a fricken good bye when i left. YOU diddnt even come with your parents, you instead faked sick. now look im stuck at your fricken house for a week. i was just becoming happy there. and you dont think thats a problem? then your messed up joe sorry.

i stormed out and walked out of the church texting kurt telling him id meet them at the house and i was going on a walk. their house was on long beach so i began to go there.

i ran along the beach, not going any where important, just running. i ran for about half an hour before crashing down on the sand and crying. as i started to head back i was looking down, listning to my ipod beating in my ears, justin bieber. yes i know people hate him and think he sucks but im not ging to go along with them just so ill be more popular. ILL listen to what i want to listen to.

"you know you love me, i know you care, just shout whenever and ill be there"

"OUF" i said as i fell flat on my butt after running into someone. i glanced up and frooze. there in front of me. ME massie maria sanchos, was looking up at one of the most famous teenagers in the world right now. Justin Bieber. he smiled at me and offered me a hand.

"sorry about, i wasnt looking where i was going, i was trying to catch the freesbie." i stared. "please dont freak out on me, ill give you a picture or an autograph but dont flip.

v "no no, sorry" i sad "i wasnt looking where i was going." a flashed a brief smile "yea, sorry, your justin, im massie"

he flicked his ahair out of his face and smiled "well i know you know who i am." he said "nice to meet you massie." i smiled and nodded.

i began to walk away when i heard him shout after me

"HEY massie" he ran up to me "do you think we could meet up sometime? you seem like a real down to earth girl, and if i heard right you were listning to me on your ipod" my jaw dropped mentally.

"yeah, sure we could meet up somtime, but i dont want to get in the way opf your scedual"

"you woudn't be, im on break." i nodded and jotted down my number on his arm with his sharpie, "i'll text you" he smiled and i smiled back.

(justin's pov SORRRY this is just kinda randome guessing)

wow, i thought as she walked away, she pretty. i nodded to myself, and turned around, took a breath and went back to the boys. jhe guys lets pack up and head out, im hungry, for something that hasn't been poisoned my gregs cooking." i said "punching" greg in the shoulder,

"aww bieber, that hurts... but i agree" i grinned and we started to pack up.

the second i walked into my hotel room i grabbed my phone and locked the door. dialing the number on my arm.. i waited... 1 ring, 2 rings, 3 rings, 4 rings.....

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