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"You really don't think this is me overdressing for a pizza place, as always?", Iris asked Rose, who was sat on the blonde's bed.

Iris didn't know what Joe expected, nor what she wanted to show him, but due to the fact he'd pick her up for their date in under ten minutes, she had to decide quickly.

"You look smashing, my darling.", Rose commented with a fake British accent as she got up from the bed to stand besides her best friend.

"You really do, I mean Joe will fall to his knees at the sight of you, or atleast drool a little.", the brunette joked, putting her hands on Iris' shoulder.

"But do I really want that?", Iris questioned, a big sigh escaping her mouth, she walked over to her table to check her makeup and spritz some perfume on when the doorbell rang.

"I guess we're finding out tonight.", and with that Rosemary sprinted to the door and welcomed Joe enthusiastically, as Rose usually does.

One last glance at herself and her phone shoved into the back pocket of her tight fitting mom jeans, Iris walked to the door to find Joe in a similar outfit, a black dress shirt, with light washed jeans, rolled up with white socks and black shoes.

"There she is, so Joe, I want her back by midnight, no buts and I don't want to see any hick-", Iris eyes' widened and she immediately slapped her hand over Rose's mouth. Said girl let out a muffled laugh and pulled out of Iris' grip to give the two some alone time.

"Hey you.", Iris said with a little grin. Joe looked up at her and immediately smiled, scratching the back of his neck.

"Hey you.", he repeated and it made both of them chuckle.

"You look wonderful Iris, I mean actually breathtaking, I don't know what to say", and Joe meant what he said, he got weak in the knees at the mere sight of Iris. The girl blushed and looked down at her sneaker.

"You don't look bad yourself, Joseph.", the two continued smiling and blushing, like middle schoolers basically, when Joe held his arm out for Iris to take.

"Shall we?", Joe said with an accent and Iris wondered why everyone used accents that day  but she linked her arm with his anyway.

"We shall."

The drive to the pizza place was short and she wondered why they didn't just walk there, but she was impressed when Joe held her door open for her.

"Hey John, do you have a table for two in a corner, at the window, like this one?", Joe walked up to the owner, giving him a manly hug, and the owner just chuckled.

"Just like you asked me yesterday, yes, that's your table, let me bring you there.", the owner smiled at Iris, who gave him a bright smile back, before he pulled out the chair for Iris to sit.

"I planned on doing that.", Joe pointed to Iris' chair and the girl chuckled, her stomach literally tumbling over with all the butterflies inside.

Rosemary was right, after barely twenty minutes, Iris already realized that she wanted this date to happen, that she wanted to spend time with Joe and that she might have a crush on him aswell.

A waiter brought over the menues for them to look through, but Iris already knew what she wanted, so she just looked through the list of drinks, immediately realizing that amount of different cocktails they had.

"Is this a pizza place or a bar? Look at all the cocktails, that's crazy.", Iris pointed out, astounded by the variety. It made both of them put down their menues and look at each other, Joe gave her a smirk and wriggled his eyebrows, for Iris to laugh at.

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