Part 1

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( Zoe drawing on Issac notebook )
Zoe: Oh, sorry force of habit. I'm used to turning around and drawing on my boyfriend Milo's notebook.
Issac: Its okay.
Zoe: Are you sure? I can get you new one.
Issac: Its fine. What's your name?
Zoe: Its Zoe. Zoe Valentine.
Issac: Well, It was nice meeting you Zoe.
Zoe: Nice meeting you too.
Milo: Are you ready to go?
Zoe: Sure am.
Milo: Hey, Issac.
Issac: Hi, Milo.
( Milo starts to tickle Zoe )
Zoe: Stop it. Let's go.
Milo: Do you want to join us Issac?
Issac: Maybe next time.
Zoe: Okay, have a good day.
Issac: You too.
( Zoe and Milo leave )

To be continued...

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