Never Piss Off The Queen Bee

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A giant crystal wall. A large cave big enough to barely fit a mammoth. A forest of darkness and despair. Black puddles, oozing with blackened goop as monsters spawned from them. These were just a few of the sights Y/N had come to recognize as he and Elmer walked though the dark forest. He whistled as they went while Elmer hummed to himself. It was oddly peaceful. A boy and his mammoth pal were simply living life as it was meant to be.

"Elmer, I gotta admit man. Your voice is absolutely terrifying, but you're literally the best friend a guy could ask for." Y/N smiled as he rode on Elmer's tusk in his cat form. "Smart, strong, immortal, and amazing in all general attributes? We're two peas in a pod amigo."

"King...friend?" Elmer said as he nodded.

"Yep. Consider me your first friend." Y/N said turning back into a human and hopping down at his side. The castle finally came into sight as Y/N stretched from the days long journey. Elmer looked at him and stopped.

"Friend Y/N...Elmer no go further." The mammoth said sitting. "Wait?"

"You see that giant Grimm pool?" Y/N said as Elmer nodded. "You go wait right over there and I'll have Salem spawn some family for ya alright buddy?"

Patting the Grimm Y/N walked further as Elmer looked at him.

"Friend Y/ again?"

"Of course amigo. We're best buds aren't we?" Y/N smiled as he waved goodbye while Elmer nodded and hummed to himself while walking over to the Grimm pool. Y/N chuckled as he thought about the events that had transpired in the past three days as he stood in front of the giant castle. He looked down to see his clothes were burnt, bloody, and ripped up. Sighing he took off his shirt revealing his scarred torso before ripping his pants off and using the remains of his shirt as makeshift pants by wrapping it around him. He tossed the speedo aside as he shuddered and burned the rest of the clothes using his flames.

"Alright...I'm half naked and I'm about to present myself to the Grimm Queen." Y/N thought for a moment before shrugging his shoulders. "Eh, I'm sure she's gonna love it. I would."

Opening the doors to the castle he whistled as he made his way through. He put his hands behind his head as he checked out the interior.

"Cinder usually just takes me straight to the planning room...might as well do that." Y/N began to move towards the usual place before hearing loud shouting. His ears twitched as he began running towards the commotion, getting ready to fight as he made his way to it. However, before he could get there he heard Salem calm down the two voices as he narrowed his eyes. A voice bellowed out.

"Violence isn't always the answer Tyrain. There must be a higher purpose to engage in senseless murder." A strong voice said as Y/N felt his flames begin to rise off of him as he grit his teeth. He flashed back to the person who was with Adam when he killed Sienna.

Hazel Rainhart.

"Son of a bitch says that now?" Y/N whispered before he walked to the front of the door and took a deep breath. "Calm Y/N...calm down. You have to make a good impression in front of Salem..."

"Oh really? So that's why you killed the Faunus bitch with Adam?" Tyrian chided.

"I didn't was a meaningless life taken away." Hazel said sorrowfully before regaining his composure. "Yet it was a necessary death in the end as we've seen."

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