Malevolent {Chapter 2}

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I walked through Central Park and sensed a goodie two shoes. I walked to the rocks, squinted a little and saw a girl with full brown locks that bounced at her every move. She seemed about 17 and was looking for something...or someone.

I walked towards her to get a closer look and we locked eyes. I smiled and she came towards me. I motioned for her to come closer and then created a shield around us so that we were invisible.

"Sarine." She hissed.

"Hi dear! I'm glad to see you no my name! Oh this is just awesome!" I said.

"This isn't time for playing games." She said.

"Really? Oh well let me take down the shield and get out of your way." I replied getting ready to take down the shield.

She shook her head no and I walked towards her, face to face.

"Do not try anything ever because if you do, sweety you'll wish you weren't alive." I said and flipped my hair in her face while I turned around.

She rann towards me and I ignored her. Then she kicked the back of my head and my chin smashed into the ground. I turned around as fast as I could and punched her in her face, then I kicked the side of her rib cage untill she fell to the ground. I used a forrce to push her harshly against the shield, and gave her a final blow.

I wrapped my hand around her neck, "Who are you?" I asked taking dramatic pauses between each word.

"I'm someone that can stop you, formally known as Genesis," She began while kicking me in the ribs and stepping in my hair, "I didn't know you had to act and look a slut to qualify as a bad @ss."

I got up and punched her right in the nose, "Damn. Punching you didn't make you pretty. Maybe you should try being a slut, perverts won't care if you're ugly or not as long as you're ready to give it." I winked at her and slapped her across her face letting my nails leave a post-it saying, 'Sarine was here and you lost!'

"I pity you, really I do. What was your name again? Oh yeah, Genesis. Well Genesis, come back to me when you learn to fight." I said taking down the shield.

I began to back up when I saw a very familiar face run towards Genesis. She had a certain wanna-be a bad chick bounce to her that made me laugh. Her hair was up in a neat bun and her eyes were a chestnut color.

It took me about five minutes to realize who she was. That was Victoria Hurning; the most powerful youth wicka known to the supernaturals. That chick puts up a good fight and has some great comebacks too, she must be teaching this Genesis girl. Oh, yippee!

I turned around and began walking away getting back to the real reason why I came but I couldn't wrap my head around why they were at Central Park now.

I walked to my 'friend' Sam's apartment and knocked on the door upon entering.

"Sarine! How are you?" He said as he re-locked the front door.

"I've been." I replied looking for a clean place to sit, "Hey, what do you know about the Hurnings?"

"The Hurnings? Why are they an interest?" He asked.

"Doesn't matter, spill."

"Well of course there's Victoria Hurning which everyone knows you and her are..well..'aqcuaintences'." He stopped to laugh at his own sentence. Oh, I pity him. "And there's her little brother, Alexander Hurning, who was sent by Adolph to find a new warrior. Apparently he found some girl named Genesis Rose who was the daughter of-"

"Abigail Rose. My enemy." I interuppted.

"Yes and apparently both Victoria and Alexander are teaching her their ways. However, she has a brother named Ethan Rose who was originally Ethan Faroah, but Jonathan Faroah and Abigail married creating Ethan Rose, and he has some warrior potential. He's said to be fast and audacious but, like a werewolf, very easily started." Sam stopped for a second, "Genesis is extremely powerful, like her mother, she is a mixture of things. For starters, she's a ghost whisperer."

"Damn." I said, "Abigail almost defeated me because of those stupid ghosts she called that night, but I still managed the gift her a slow and painful death."

"Right. Among being a ghost whisperer, she's an Earth traveler and a communicator." He explained, "So far. That's it."

"They sound powerful, but I'm like twice their age - experience wise." I said. I began pacing around the room.

"Let's do a little planning." I said with a mischievous smile on my face. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A gust of wind swooped past me and began to form a small tornado, as the winds began to die down Alizer was revealed. He had a person with him that had bleached spiky hair.

"Sarine." Alizer said.

I was walking towards the man when he said that. I put my hand on his chest and felt knowledge, I smiled. "Who is this?" I ased Alizer.

"Thats Derek, he knows about the dimension." Alizer responded.

"Hmm..." I said grabbing a chair, "Speak."

"Well the key isn't literally a key," Derek began, "It's the life of someone. When you take the life, a portal should open up sucking the Earth in, or at least that's how it would seem, and you will find yourself in a new world. You should be on something like a platform looking at the torture of many. When you are in the Cerebrum Dimension that means you have power over Hell and watch it. No one has conquered Cerebrum yet so Hell is taking care of itself, and I'm guessing you want to conquer the dimension."

I was lost in my thoughts and then I woke up and realized something, "You just take anyone's life?" I asked.

"No, not exactly. You have to take the life of a youth that has various powers. They are extremely powerful and hard to beat. Then when you take thier life you have to take some of thier blood and form a triangle with a 'c' in it. However, if he or she dies a natural death the portal will forever remain closed. Only a supernatural, as yourself, can kill them." He explained.

I grinned, "Thank you. That was, er, helpful."

A list of people I could kill went through my head but only one name stood out, "Genesis Rose."

As soon as Alizer and Derek left I paid a visit to the underworld.

"Professor Crums?" I said while I walked into his office.

I heard mumbling coming from his private training room so I went to check it out.

I saw Professor Crums speaking to three men in black robes. I backed up and put my ear near the door.

"Figure out what she's planning, She's giving up all sorts of dangerous vibes. I need to figure out what it is she's planning. I can't seem to believe Sarine of all people would want to reek havack." He said.

"How should we come about if she happens to be plotting evil." One of the three said. He didn't move an inch from his spot in the triangle they formed.

I laughed in my head, what could they do.

"Isolate her," Professor Crums said,"then kill her and burn the body."

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