🌌Chapter 2. Suck it up🌌

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Daniels P.O.V

Hosuh is staring at (y/n).
"Hosuh what are you doing? Fireworks ore that way!"
I whisper scream at him.
"O-oh! Right!"
He whispers back. He looks back up at the fireworks. Now I see what he was looking at...
Pure beauty
And angel.
Thanks to the fireworks illuminating us, I can see (y/n) better. I stare at her. I see the fireworks reflection in her big (e/c) eyes. She has a big smile on. I see the pure joy in her. She is beautiful. I see Stephen glance over at her. We lock eyes and I swear he glares at me, but oh well. I turn back to the fireworks.
"Wait. Where is Jay?"
I ask everyone.
"And Rosemarie?"
Bella adds.
"They probably snuck off to make out. She did shove him into her breasts. He probably wanted more."
Stephen said.
"I agree with Stephen, she dos have a way with men."
Bella says.
"Were back here your dirty minded son of a bitch."
I hear Jay say and we look behind us to see Rosemarie and Jay glaring at us.
"Langua- actually who even gives a shit."
(Y/n) says and Tiffany laughs.
"Yah really."
Tiffany then says.
"I'm actually surprised you guys haven't made out yet!"
Bella says as she throws her arms up in the air.
"Oh so you think I'm a slut?"
Rosemarie says slightly pissed off.
"N-no that's not what I meant!"
"Well it sure sounds like it! You want me to make out with every guy I talk to! Like geez do you guys even know I'm les-"
She stops.
"Rosemarie.... you're a lesbian?"
Bella asks quietly.
"So what if I am?"
"Jay would be disappointed."
I say to Stephen and he snickers.
"Well fuck you both."
"You wish girly."
Stephen says. One day he is gonna get himself killed.
"Thats IT!"
I guess that day is today.
She lunges towards Stephen, JUST missing me.
(Y/n) runs up to her and peels her off of Stephen.
"Geez! Mother fucker!"
He say getting up and rubbing his head. (Y/n) and Bella are holding Rosemarie back.
"Are you okay Stephen?"
Tiffany asks concerned.
"Well do want some advice?"
"Suck it up."
She flips a pair of MLG sunglasses down over her eyes. She reminds me of natsuki from Doki doki literature club.
She takes them off.
"No I will help you."
She grabs a few bandages from a little bag that she has. She also takes out a water bottle and a cloth with a kitty on it.
"(Y/n), phone."
"Okay doctor."
She shines the phone light on Stephen as Bella tries her best to hold Rosemarie back.
"You'll live Stephen."
She then says and wipes his head with the cloth. Wiping the blood off his forehead. Them putting a bandage on it.
"There, now here. Take the water."
She hands him the bottle.
"Thanks Tiff."
She smiles and I look around at all the people looking at us.
Rosemarie yells.
Everyone leaves.
"Sorry Rosemarie....."
Bella and Stephen apologize.
"Its okay, well, now you know I'm a lesbian. So surprise. I like girls."
"We should head back. The fireworks are over anyway."
I say and everyone agrees. We start to walk back when Stephen stops.
"My glasses...."
He says as he feels his face.
"Stephen! We have the same prescription. I think. So here, take mine. I have contacts."
Rosemarie says and hands Stephen hers.
"I can't take yours. I need mine."
He says sadly and looks at his feet.
"Looking for these?"
We hear a girl behind us.
"Hey Daniel! Stephen! Hosuh and Jay!"
I see (y/n) glare at her.
"I'm going back to the hotel..."
She says and storms off very quickly.
"(Y/n) wait!"
Bella and Rosemarie run after her. I look down to see a pice of paper.

Keep in touch!

(Your number)

I got her number...

Your P.O.V

I HATE ANN! She is so annoying! And EVERYONE LOVES ANN!
"Are you okay (y/n)?"
"NO! You know how I hate Ann! Why does she have to be here!?"
"I know you hate her, but she is here and we can't do nothing."
"True. Let's just go to sleep."
We walk to our room, I go into mine. We got different rooms cuz we have money to burn. Rosemarie probably is gonna make day one of our Disney land blog. Bella probably will do smutty role plays and read smutty books on wattpad. Cuz she can be a pervert. And I'm gonna sleep. I throw off my shirt and my pants. I put on my pj shorts. Witch are very cute, but they rise close to my underwear. And my shirt. I fall onto the bed and start to drift off.
Did I lock the door?
Ahhhh I'm too lazy to check. Who will come in anyway?

Stephens P.O.V

We walk into the hotel and I open the door to my room. I take off my shirt and change into my pj pants. I put on my danplan 1 mill shirt for the time being. I walk into the hall. I decide to go on a walk, Dan and Hosuh and Jay won't know cuz we all got different rooms. I take a step outside.

Danplan diaries Stephen.
1st entry.
It's fucking freezing.

I turn around and go right back inside. It's sorta dark. And I'm half asleep do I don't even look at the numbers on the door. I go in my room.
Hun? I don't remember leaving it unlocked? Oh well.
I go inside and take off the shirt. I jump into the bed and pull the covers over me. I turn around the other way and feel something...... I open my eyes to see......


Stephen walked into your room not his!
Shits about to go DOWN!
Anyway I have a gift for one very special reader.
Who I think might need it.
This is for you
My love and appreciation
You're awesome and great and shouldn't ever feel like you need to change anything about you for anything or anyone.
Your perfect
And I love you
As a friend.
So here.
It's for you.
Bai wonderful people of the internet!

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