baby fever//g.d

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(y/n pov)

You walked through the front door, setting your bags of groceries on the door. You smiled as Grayson looked up from his phone on the couch. "Hey, babe," He said, as you pulled off your sweater. He went back to his phone, leaning back, arm behind his head.

"Hey," You said, walking into the kitchen with your bags. "Whatcha doing?" You asked rolling your eyes moving a plastic jack-o-lantern from the counter.

"Looking at costumes," You heard him mumble from the living room. You put the eggs in the fridge, popping your head out of the kitchen, only to see him still staring at his phone.

"You're not gonna come talk to me?" You asked, going back in. You heard him groan loudly and shook your head to yourself. "You okay?" You asked, reaching up into a cupboard.

"I can't find a single costume my size," He said. You let out a small laugh and walked out of the kitchen to get another bag.

You looked at him and smiled, and he groaned again dropping his phone onto his chest. You shook your head and walked back into the kitchen. "Well for a guy your size, you should just make your own, baby," You suggested. You heard him sigh loudly as you folded your grocery bags.

"I can't make shit, babe, how come Ethan found a costume?" He asked. You sighed, walking back into the living room. He sat up and you sat down next to him. You turned your body and draped your legs over Grayson's lap. He sighed again before leaning back into you.

You ran your fingers through his hair as he kept looking for a costume, checking every website he could find. He ended up on a website, large fingers accidentally clicking on toddler's costumes, instead of men's. You smiled as he scrolled through the costumes meant for babies.

"That one's cute," You mumbled, reaching over his shoulder and pointing at a baby wearing a stuffed pumpkin. He nodded against you.

"'like this one," He mumbled pointing at a little girl in a princess costume. You smiled and combed through his floppy hair with your fingers.

He sighed, continuing to look through baby costumes. You watched in curiosity as he didn't bother looking for his own costume and instead went to order the princess costume. "Baby?" You asked. He turned his head back to look at you. You furrowed your eyebrows smiling. "Why are you-" He sighed loudly, cutting you off as he shut his phone off and threw it further down the couch.

He turned and layed on top of you, pulling your shirt up, kissing your stomach. You smiled, confused. You let him do it and he rested his head on your stomach. "What was that for?" You asked with a smile.

Gray shrugged and sighed. "Dunno, just felt like doing it," He muttered. You smiled and raised your eyebrows as he drew patterns on your bare stomach.

"Someone have baby fever?" You asked with a smile. You saw him grin and he pressed his face into you. You let out a soft laugh. "Awe, Gray," You said. He chuckled against your stomach and you giggled at the feeling.

"I want a baby," He said. You smiled and combed his hair to the side. "I wanna be a dad," He mumbled, chin on your stomach as he looked up at you, face clean-shaven.

"Okay," You said. Grayson raised his eyebrows. "Let's make another Dolan."


"It's here!" Grayson shouted, shutting the door with his leg, holding the box in his hand. You looked out from the kitchen and sighed. You were ordered to make ghost-shaped sugar cookies and a cake by Ethan, for his Halloween party later that day.

"What's here?" You asked as you gave your three-year-old the rubber spatula to lick the cake batter off of. He carried the box into the kitchen and set it on the counter next to Luna as she licked the spoon clean.

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