Part Two

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“Why don’t you go home? I’ll see you tomorrow.†Madhu tells Ayushman. 

He nods and turning to Ayush and Ayusha he bids them bye. 

“Ayush, Ayusha… come here.†Madhu gently tells them as she knelt down on the floor. They walk towards her disheartened after Ayushman’s departure. “Remember, what I told you about your Papa?†

“He doesn’t know about us.†Ayush replies upset. 

“That you were never able to tell him about us.†Ayusha tells her upset. 

“Well… he found out about you.†Madhu gently tells them. 

“He did? Then where is he?†Ayush asks excitedly. 

Ayusha being the sharper one quickly turns to look at RK in shock. “Is it him?†

“Yes.†Madhu replies. 

Ayush turns to look at RK in shock while Ayusha runs to him smiling happily. 

RK kneels down as she reached him smiling happily as tears stung his eyes. “Papa!†Ayusha says as she hugged him excitedly. RK hugs her back happily. It was a strange feeling, more than fatherly he felt special in that moment and only one person had ever made him feel special in his whole life. RK slowly looks at Madhu and she was watching them with a slight hint of tears. 

“Are you our Papa?†Ayush asks as he stood next to him. 

RK nods his head happily. 

“Ayush, Papa is here.†Ayusha tells him excitedly smiling at him. 

Ayush looks at RK and asks again, “Are you our Papa?†


Ayush holds his hand and says, “Then come with me.†

“Where?†RK asks as he stood up lifting Ayusha into his arms and Ayusha giggles in excitement. 

“Come with me, Papa.†

“Ayush… where are you going?†

“Will come now, Mama. Papa, come fast.†Ayush says as he starts running out holding RK’s hand in his. 

“ARUN!†Ayush shouts as he knocked on the door. 

“Ayush, come back home. It’s really late.†Madhu tells him as she stood next to RK. 

“One minute, Mama. ARUN! Open the door.†Ayush shouts as he knocked on the door loudly. 

A man opens the door with a frown, “Ayush… what is this?†

“Call Arun.†

“He has gone to bed.†

“No call him! ARUN!†Ayush shouts stubbornly. 

“What kind of nonsense is this?†the man furiously asks Madhu. 

“I am so..†Madhu starts to apologize when RK cuts her off and says completely surprising her, “Don’t talk to her in that tone.†

“Who are you?†

“Rishabh Kundra.†RK replies. “Now shut it and call your son.†

“What are you doing, RK?†Madhu asks him in panic recovering from her surprise and shock. 

“Sshh Mama. Let Papa handle this.†Ayusha shushes her up. 

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