Chapter 2

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It has been  two weeks since I've been to the gym so today  Monique and I are going to the gym.

I think I need to lose that extra weight on me because I don't like how it looks on me.

I called my dad and he was coming to get the kids.

He finally came and got the kids I put on my workout clothes and grabbed my gym bag with my towel and  slides and my other essentials.

I went downstairs and packed my water filled bottle

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I went downstairs and packed my water filled bottle.

I grabbed my keys and went out and locked the door then I hopped in my car going for Monica.

I arrived at Monica's crib I honked my horn and she came right out

" Good morning hun I see you trying to lose that baby fat and check out the personal trainer fine ass" she said coming in the car.

" Girl bye I trying to lose this baby fat hun but he is fine "I said admitting that he a fine ass dude.

" See I knew it you should let him train you boo we can ask him afterwards" she said.

" Ok but you don't try no funny business sweetie " I said knowing my best friend.

I drove off toward the gym where we went the first time we arrived and I parked my car in a vacant spot.

Once I parked we got out and grabbed our gym bags heading inside the gym.

We did our usual thing until his sexy ass came strolling in damn he is so fine I would do all kin---

" What the hell you thinking about " said Monica interrupting my thoughts.

" Don't worry about that girl" I said as I continued exercising.

All of a sudden she went to him this bitch is to bold ugh she gets on my nerves.

After taking to him she came back y'all she may be my friend but she gets on my nerves.

" Bitch what did you say to him huh cause you a bold ass woman dred "I said for her.

" I told him that my friend needs a personal trainer and he was like ok he can help you just talk to him" she said.

" Ok but bitch you owe me for doing that with your bold ass " I said to her as we continued exercising.

" Hello ladies and are you Allegra " said the personal trainer.

" Yes  that's me can I talk to you about being my personal trainer " I said to him.

" Ok I will have to know when you would like to meet up" he said.

" Ok I can do training with you three days I also can do training in the afternoon" I said.

" Oknthat can work just give me your number and I'll give you a call ok" he said damn his voice deep and its sexy.

" My number is 456-789-284 " I said as he put it in his phone.

" I'll call you sometime this week to schedule the days and time " he said.

" Ok thank you " I said as he walked I started to stare at his sexy ass damn.

After an intense workout we finally  left the gym I dropped Monica home then I went by dad to get my kids.

After I got my kids I took them for something to eat then we went home as soon as we got home I took a nice hot shower to relax my aching bones from the workout.

After that I went downstairs and went to my computer making sure that I got what I needed for business.

Once I saw that I got everything that I needed I went and started searching up pre school and elementary school for my daughters.

I found like a few I narrowed down they were the schools I really liked.

After that I went back up to my room to take a much needed nap.

Cause ya girl was extremely exhausted and needs to sleep.

See y'all later


He will be her personal trainer

Monica bold asf

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