Chapter 3- Awakening

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"You're the next seer" said Helen, looking me in the eyes.
"I'm the next seer? I-I thought Korbyn was the last one?"
"Well, Korbyn was suppose to be, when we found out that she couldn't have children, yet she had your mother, how we are still unaware of, but she was born, but your mother, had an accident, like Korbyn's mother, which made her unable to awaken, but the gene was passed through her into you." He explained. I started crying, this was all way to much to deal with, finding out that Helen is my father, and that my mother was killed by my father, then to find out that I'm the next seer!
I started crying into Jeff's chest, and he rubbed my back, trying to calm me down.
"Look, Alex im-" Helen got interrupted
"Get away Helen, go back to the mansion, i will calm her down don't worry." said Jeff, still having a hold of me.
"O-ok." He said then ran back to the mansion.
"S-sorry." I stutter out, my head still buried in Jeff's chest.
"It's ok, I get it, you freaked out because you just heard all of these secrets, anybody else would do the same." He kissed my head reassuringly.
"Th-thanks Jeff" I gave a small smile, and wiped my eyes. He smile back and kissed my forehead, making me blush.
"Come on. I think we should tell Slendy so you can start training" he took my hand and lead me back to the mansion.
Me and Jeff slowly made our way up to Slendy's room. Jeff knocked on the door.
"Enter." Called out Slendy, and me and Jeff slowly walked in.
"Slendy, we need to tell you something." started Jeff "Alex is the-"
"Next seer I know" interrupted Slendy.
"How did you know?" I ask
"Helen told me dear."
"Oh" I sighed "Well, I need training right?"
"Not really. It is a straight forward job. No training required."
"Ok then... Do I need to do anything?"
"You need to be awoken. Jeff, go get Helen and bring the book."
Jeff nodded and kisses my head before running out to find Helen.
"He really loves you, you know." Stated Slendy, surprising me.
"Y-yea. I really love him as well." I sighed happily and smiled.
Not too long after, Jeff came back with the book. Thankfully no Helen.
"Ah! Here we are! So, Alex, all you need to do is read the book." Slendy said. Jeff handed me the book and I took it, slowly opening it to a random page, when suddenly a huge wave of light hit me. I blinked hard but everything was still glowing. It took a little while but it wore off and everything was back to normal.
"Congratulations child. You are now the seer."

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