The Beast of Camp TimberWolf

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The fresh snow nestled the Earth like a warm blanket during a thunderstorm. Specks of frozen water clung to the hibernating trees making them shimmer. Crystal-like icicles hung from the homes. The roads were bare as human and animal alike stayed in the warmth and safety of home.

Zak's mission is to stop someone from killing everyone at a summer camp. The mission of the rouge agent from the Omega Institute is to make sure the killer succeeds. Can Zak uncover the rouge agent's identity and stop the murders or will he became a victim? Check out "The Beast of Camp TimberWolf."

Meanwhile, Joe is called in to protect a pair of Internet celebrities while they investigate a haunted house. But the mission turns dangerous when everyone present starts to experience their deepest fears. Read "The Brothers Gloom React" to find out if they survive.

This collection also includes: "Time Magic," "The Wild Fire," and other short tales.

If you're ready for action, adventure, and some sci-fi high jinks then buy the latest Dogboy Chronicles story.


My latest book The Beast of Camp TimberWolf releases October 22, 2019. It is available for preorder from many online retailers, such as Barnes and Noble, Walmart eBooks, Apple Books, and Overdrive.

Sample chapters can be read here on Wattpad.

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