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"What?" I said as I was taking the order I was having a bad day and couldn't talk to another incompetent fool who didn't even know what they wanted. I decided to ask my boss for a break as I had been standing on my feet all day. He agreed and I walked in the back alleyway and sat on the old sofa facing the Dragonfly Chinese takeaway.

I noticed there was some sort of arguing going on when I saw a man covered in tattoos shoot dead a Latino. I yelped so loudly I thought my voice box broke off from my throat. As I stood there gobs-matched he must of seen my figure standing there in the dead in the night. His eyes were bloodshot red, as he started to walk towards the door as if to come for me.

" Oi bitch ! Come here" he yelled over as I started to freak out and run back, I stripped off my barista apron and ran as fast as I could. I could feel a breathing sound coming closer and closer towards me before I felt something hit my head and I fell with a thud. Instantly sleep overtook me and I lay in a deep limbo.

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