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Irene opened her eyes and she was in a bright white place. She was confused why she was here. She was just sitting the at a bench when two people approached her.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kang?" Irene asked.
"Hello there Irene! Long time no see" said Mr. and Mrs. Kang.
"Yeah haha it's been so long!"
"May we ask why you're here?"
"Hmm... It's a long story but the man that kept me hostage mentioned that he knew you guys?"
"Man? who?" Mr Kamg asked.
"H-Hyun...suk? Yang Hyun-suk! That's his name!"

Both Mr. and Mrs. Kang looked at each other.

"D-do you guys know him? He also mentioned how he knew Seulgi as well but he did seemed like he was a big fan of yours. All he ever talked about how guys has something of his"
"Irene dear... did that man hurt you?" Mrs. Kang asked.
"That man is not a nice guy Irene!" Mr. Kang added.
"He didn't but his on of his brother hurt me... A LOT"
"We're deeply sorry that you had to go through all this! Those men would do anything, even hurt the love ones of their enemies."

Mrs. Kang went over and sat right next to Irene and held both her hands.

"Irene dear, you don't belong here! You belong with our Seulgi! She needs you and you need her! I'm very happy to see that you were able to come back into our Seulgi's life. Ever since we left her, she wasn't herself and then you came she was able to become the Seulgi we knew"
"Also, we heard that you guys are engaged?" Mr. Kang added.

Mrs. Kang elbowed Mr. Kang's side and smiled at Irene.

"We are very happy that you guys are engaged! Seulgi is very lucky to have you in her life!"
"Thank you! I feel just as lucky to have Seulgi in my life. But... What upsets me the most is that you guys won't be to on our wedding day..." Irene pouted.
"That's alright dear! We're always by Seulgi's side. We are her guardian angel. We will be there on your wedding day!"
"Now go on! Go back to Seulgi! SHE'S WAITING FOR YOU!!"

Mrs. Kang hugged Irene and Mrs. Kang patted Irene's back and waved goodbye to her as she left.

As Irene walked to the bright light she closed her eyes.

Snapping back to reality.... but before that here's a commercial break!

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