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The door swang open, it was the avengers. They entered Oscorp and begged of Richard Parker, the woman at the front desk looked confuse but went to the speaker and asked for Richard Parker.

The Avengers waited for ten minutes before a man, just like the one from the restaurant and Tony's dream walked towards them.

But instead of walking up to them, he walked pass them and into a door. He didn't even acknowledge them.

Tony followed him in and there were stairs and multiple doors. They were going have to find Peter.


The team (Nat, Bruce, Clint,Bucky, Steve, Tony, Thor, Loki and Shuri) went through the door one by one. There were two left an the fist door they opened let to more a room with a chalk board and a sleeping Harry Osborn. Tony went to the boy enraged and shock him up.

Harry woke in fear. The Avengers hovered above him and were fuming. "Were. Is. Peter?" Bucky threatened. The boy gulped and pointed at a rusting door.

Thor ran to it and smashed it down. There was Peter. His head hanged forwards and he seems to just be made of cuts, bruises, scars, and a smile.

The kid lifted his head and smiled weakly. Then he recognises who we there and the smile faded. "R-run." Peter muttered.

Then Richard came from around the corner and tried to fight them off. He was failing miserably and then he walked over to Peter. Looking down at Peter with a murderous grin that Loki use to give to Thor.

Tony and Steve ran to him, but it was too late. The man had jammed a knife into a smiling baby.

Nat came to Richard and killed him with a twist of his neck. She didn't care he was Peter's biological father, he wan't a part of Peter's family. He was a monster.


Bruce was sure that was he quickest they had ever gotten to the compound form Queens ever. The speed was so fast it could have broken the laws of physics.

Peter was place on one of the hospitals beds in to Medical room. Bruce used on of his seven PHD's to heal Peter.

The rest sat outside, not saying a word. Tony and Steve cuddled up, supporting each other, hoping together. Nat has her knees up to her face as she waited for her husband to tell her Peter's okay. Clint hanged form the vents and waited impatiently. Thor and Loki played cards for pass time and Bucky eat pizza.

Nat kept looking to the door watching the tension grow.

She saw Tony's and Steve's faces they were horrified. They didn't deserve this. Peter didn't deserve this. She was going to adopt, then her nephew was claimed as dead. She felt like the world began to crumple. Peter better live.

Bruce ran around the Ned office trying to heal Peter. He was internally bleeding and bleeding out too. That's when it clicked. Bruce reaches for his phone and phoned someone.


A large yellow light came out of know where in the waiting room before the stressed out avengers. Then without a word Stephan Strange came out and he walked into the Med office and Bruce came to him.

"I need assistance." Bruce said rushing around. Stephan just nodded and sent Peter straight into surgery. Bruce know if anyone could help Peter it would be the best surgeon in New York, Dr. Stephan Strange.

Bruce watched (and helped) Strange as he performed the surgery.

Everyone waited against the door, they know it was extremely serious if Bruce needs Stephan's help. Each one hoped Harry's past statement doesn't become true.

"Oh, Peter." Nat said under her breath. "Do you guy think he'll be okay?" Questioned a very worried Clint.

"The lads strong, he'll be fine." Thor states with a lack of confidence. It was true Peter was strong, but that was because he was SpiderMan and none of them know that.

Loki looked worried, him, Peter, Shuri and Clint has grown very close (through constant pranks). They were like siblings. They had even began to get close MJ and Ned.

Although Peter did get annoyed when Loki fought Flash. That day was so mental, Loki couldn't help but smirk and almost come to a laugh thinking about it.

Clint was now looking at photos of hang out with Peter and his birthday etc. He even admired the photo Peter took of him before the egg issue.

Tony and Steve whispered about event that made them laugh, each included Peter doing something stupid or Peter being a perfect little angel.

That's when the doors slowly opened. Stephan came to them and spoke "His fine, and awake. Though I suggest two to three people at a time." He gave off a smile before leaving.

Tony and Steve ran into the room. "Peter!" They called. They sat by the bed and hugged him while sitting down. The tension had broken away and everyone's stress and the feeling of panic pushing on in your heart was released.


Peter was finally able to leave he medic and he come to the dinner table. Steve was cooking soft pasta, so Peter could easily digest the food.

"How are you feeling, son?" Steve said smiling softly. Peter smiled back "much better, but it feel very tired." Peter said.

Steve nodded. He could only imagine how tried and weak Peter must feel though, he'd though he'd be more tired then this. It was almost like his healing factors were faster then an advantage persons'.

The others Avengers came in and Nat ruffled Peter's hair as she came in. When Tony came in, he hugged Peter. It lasted at least one minute and it was strong. Tony was clearly still emotionally unstable from the past events, so was Peter. Peter hugged him back, then they say down next to a smiling Steve and ate.

"Hay, kiddo. Your stuck with us now." Tony said with a smile. The others smiles widened and Peter nodded "Good." Peter said. He didn't want to leave them ever again.

Once agin the dysfunctional family was united.

With that Peter thought of MJ.

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