30. In Love

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Just as I promised. Prior apology, if the intimate scenes didn't match with your expectations. This book doesn't have mature content.

Moreover, single update for now. Just enjoy till the next update, because Sanaya and Ashar are together in this chapter.  From next chapter, another difficult phase will begin. Samara is still alive in this book, lol. 


Happy Reading!

Mrs. Smith aka mother spent half of her life in raising and helping orphan kids. She even lost her life in protecting one of the orphans of my foster home. For this reason, she earned a lot of respect, love and appreciation from everyone of us. Foster home would be incomplete without her.

After her memorial service, I was back to my old life, in other words, back to Hobson's mansion and returned my phone to Aaron . Ashar and Melanie also attended her funeral and he didn't even ask me to come back, probably, he was giving me some time to overcome my misery.

I, myself came back to the mansion because it was now useless to stay at the orphanage where the environment was mournful. That place was only reminding me the time I had spent with mother.

Ryan couldn't be able to stay here anymore. He said the reason he visited New York was not in this world. Therefore, he had no reason to stay here, so he left for his city right after mother's memorial service.

I didn't know if he was going to visit his home city in future or not. I also thought that I had no reason to go to my foster home anymore. I only continued going there because of mother.

"It's a great loss for you, Sanaya." Melanie commented sorrowfully.

I hummed in response, unable to form words from my mouth.

I was lying in my small bed after coming back from college. My eyes were filled with tears. It was indeed, a great shock that broke me emotionally. I was no more emotionally strong.

"I still can't believe she's not with me, with those children. You know she loved kids. She always used to say that I'm a mother to all the children who lives in the foster home."

Tears slipped from the corner of my eyes to the side of face, soaking strands of my hair.

Melanie walked to me and sat beside my bed.

"Those children will miss her a lot." She commented.

I sat up and hugged her. Losing control on my tears, I cried profusely on her shoulder.

"Yes, I'll miss her. It's so unfair to her – to me." I sniffled.

She patted my back, comforting me, "Be strong, Sanaya. Be strong for her."

I let go of her, "I'm trying."


I needed comfort, strong emotional support from someone who couldn't only understand my pain, but also console me in a way that would make me feel better and hopeful.

Later at night, lost in my own misery, I walked to the patio of the mansion and stayed there for a while. I recalled the memories of mother.

She once said to me that you have to let go of your lingering feelings if you want to move on in your life. She taught the same lesson to all the children she had raised. When I was unable to accept the fact that I had no family, she told me to let go of that thought and accept the truth, only then I would be able to go on with my life.

She always tried to make those children forget about their biological parents in order to give them a new life.

The darkness and silence of the night further broke me apart. I whimpered under the gloomy sky.

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