Expect the Unexpected

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Expect the Unexpected


Everything was perfect. I was on the volleyball team, I had real friends, and I was almost 100% happy with life. The only thing I was not happy with, was the sad look that crossed my moms eyes everytime i mentionned my dad. He hurt her, bad, and I was a constant reminder of that, I thought i was the reason for her deep sadness, thought that I could do something about it. Well guess what, i was but i had noo idea of the reason why, because my guess was soo far off that its not even funny. my guess, was beyond wrong, it was, about as close as pluto is to the sun.

Let me explain a little. My mom is a gorgeous woman. Shes short, but her eyes stand out alot. Shes just a wonderful woman, and my dad cheated on her, and then left her, for a woman half his age. Gross. The thing is, he tries to buy me, and I go along with it in part, because i get stuff out of it. Yea i know, im using him, i personally have no intention of EVER moving in with him, but for some reason he thinks i do. Thats why i got a brand-new car and im only 16, thats why i have a laptop,cell phone, and everything else i could ever want, because my dad hasn't realized something he shouldn't even have to think about. So, everytime he sends me something, it hurts my mom, but i mean, i love her dont get me wrong, im just using the guy for my own personal gain. Even if he didnt send me things, id still me a constant reminder of him, i look exactly like a feminine version of him! I have his wavy auburn hair, his water blue eyes, and my face is shaped exactly like him. The only thing that is physically evident that im my mother's child is my height and body shape. Im only 5'1, which is almost exactly like my mom, and im also built on a petite body frame.So basically, no matter what i do, i remind my mom of him.

This isint about me and my dad though, this is about something i had not a clue of. This is about my mom dating again, and not telling me because she thought id be hurt. This is about my mom, about to get married, and she didnt even tell me she had a boyfriend! Im finally meeting this guy tonight, im finally seeing what my new step-daddy, and apperently new step brother, are like.

"MELODIE DAWN-MARIE STARR hurry up and get down here, Philip and his son are here!!!"

ohh joy, here goes hell.


i know its short, its just a preface people, dont get too harsh., but comments and feedback are appreciatedd!! p.s. miley cyrus is who im thinking for melodie

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