Merman Or Mermaid?

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-Transsexuality (which I have idea why I am stating, I just feel like it's necessary)
-Human turning into merperson (a painful description)

Idk what it feels like to be transsexual so sorry if I got anything wrong, or something. I might have also made some mistakes here, so sorry.

Living under the ocean level, in the water was a hard thing. You know what is harder? Living in the ocean and being trans and gay in a place where it's illegal, and almost everyone is homophobic and transphobic.

Oh, I ought to introduce myself so you atleast have an idea of what is going on, and why I am saying it's hard to live here. I am Jeon Jungkook, or as others love to call me, Jeon Jieun. I am a transgender boy, so I am a boy that is born in a woman's body, I guess you could say. I would have changed into a male body a long time ago, if it weren't for the fact that everyone here was against it. And when I say against it, I mean so against it that they either punish them by killing them or torturing them, or they banish them and make them live out in the ocean alone, which if you didn't know already, is very dangerous.

Those who are anything other than straight don't get that punishment, but instead have to do extra work and stuff. Maybe a week in jail. After that jailing, and a year of extra work (when I say extra, I mean to the point where that person is exhausted all the time), they get to be free. Unless you are, of course, full on homosexual. Then you get banished immediately because "there's no hope for you" and "you were not created right" stuff like that. If the person was a criminal even before, they kill them without showing any mercy.

So yeah, living under the sea is not as fairy tale like as people would think. Especially not if you got banished, because then, it would be a lot easier for normal human beings to find you.

Oh right, you may ask why they wouldn't be able to find us normally. It's simple. Around the place we live, there's a magic cover that makes so that only sea creatures would be able to find it, and only a few of those creatures were allowed inside by the barrier. Including me, and my folk.

Though, soon, not me.

Okay, I could go on for ages, so long story short: all of my friends got banished because they were gay, and dating eachother. I had enough and came out as bi (leaning more to boys) and trans to my mom, who kept it a secret, but a crab overheard and told the authorities who were talking about what judgement to give me, which was most likely banishment.

And it was.

I was allowed a day to say goodbye to my family, which sadly only consisted of my mother, and then had to leave. Forever.

"I'm so sorry my child, if only the others realised it wasn't a disease" my mom sobbed as she kept hugging me and running one of her hands through my hair. I was of course also crying. She was the only family I had left.

The next day, I left. After an emotional farewell, I was suddenly out in the so called "real" world. I doubt this place is harsher than what I experienced in there. Pulling families apart like that, and they call us sick. They're sick for doing that to beings that have only helped and been kind.

I began swimming as far as I could as fast as I could. I wanted to get away. I had to have hope. Hope that one day, the place I used to call home wouldn't be as bad as it was before I left.

As I was swimming, I saw a guy (body wise) that was drowning. I looked at his legs (yes, legs. It was obvious he was human) and then swam towards him. Just as I reached him, his legs began glowing, and slowly began turning into a tail. That made me stop up. I had only heard of those in myths and from someone else. Merfolk, that was born as humans. They only turned when they were drowning. Just like us, who could turn into humans when we were on land, and completely dry. No one had ever done it though.

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