The Transforming Kitty

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My eyes fluttered awake reeling from the dream, a moan escaped my mouth; however my senses rattled as a mew emerged in place. I rolled over to my stomach trying to stand up. I blinked around noticing the forest, foreboding height of the trees. "wh-where am i?" I jumped at the sound, the hair that lined my body stood on end and my tail zig-zagged up. "wait... tail?!" My loud roar of surprised echo off the trunks of the trees; probably sending some poor fool a pitying thought of a dying animal.

"how could this happen, what the hell is going on?! Where's Alex, wheres my body?! WHERE'S MY STUFF?!" Of course it was the less worried one that i was most distraught about, my bag that once held all my important things. I stood to confirm that I could barely walk, I was not used to moving on four legs, I paced the best I could tripping over my own paws occasionally, mewing profanities and questions to the air; trying to figure this situation out.

My pacing stopped once by stomach roared louder than I ever could. "Better question, how am I going to get food in a body as small as this?" I assessed my options looking out to the forest from my ground level. Sitting down, I decided to focus my attention to my surroundings. My ears twitching at the odd roars and an occasional screech. At this, I felt my ears press firmly to the top of my head, 

'I may as well accept this fate.'

Once I had gotten the hang of walking I tried to step it up jumping around agilely, all the while I gazed up at the trees and around the forest, my heart raced with fear. There were many predators, many creatures bigger than me in this forest for sure, however that didn't stop me from looking for some food.

I munched on a few berries hoping wherever I was these were not poisonous to my new body. The days passed and I worked on my footwork; Jumping, climbing, flying... through woods and branches, learning to figure out how far, and how high I could jump. I fly through the branches faster than the length I could run upon the jungle floor.

The day I found a new great ability was the day I had found a new friend, five and a half months after my appearing here. I leaped branch to branch looking down thinking of finding a more suitable pray than a mere bush. My eyes soon found it, becoming fierce and deadly; a doe, nipping on the green flourish, its tail flicked back and forth my own followed, never in my life had I needed to hunt, but my animalistic instincts knocked in my angry stomach.

I crouched low automatically, body twitching forward, then I felt myself in mid-flight, once again soaring in the air. My eyes flashed with hunger and blood lust, eyes flashing on the doe as it twisted its neck around to see me, its own muscles twitching and its limbs began to bend.

My bones warmed and seemed to grow with my feast, claws stretching out and my tiger's jaw opening to release a loud roar. My body made contact, our bodies collide as my fangs sank deep into the flesh of the fare Deer, the green foliage stained in a red gleam.

Golden eyes pierced into the blue glow, as I stared at my reflection my red fur flowing along with the ripples of the water. My large body adorned with both spots and stripes. My thoughts were too forlorn that I could not bring myself to be joyous, the Doe's fear filled eyes seemed to be the only thing flashing through my thoughts, never had I thought myself a killer until now.

"No gee-san! I don't want to go! Take me back!" My ears flicked briefly at the familiar voice, the shout came faint, nearly a whisper. I fully looked over in the direction with another gleam of curiosity, a human... a race I wish to be once again. My mind flashed back to the size of a kitten and that I would be, a small kitten, full of dead meat and nurtured of bloody health.

Upon approach I had known instantly where I was, what world, what time, what Anime. I followed the stretched rubbery arms up to a small boy, a yellow hat made of straw fit largely over his head, he was pulled by an older gentleman. His hair a peppered color his suit exotic and humorous, yet his aura still emitted an air of dominance, demanding of respect.

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