Chapter 30- happy

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Zach's POV
I made it! I really made it! I'm so happy right now and no words can explain it.

Right now I'm still in the hospital. They want me stay here for 3 more weeks and then I get to go home. They said the cuts will leave scars which means I'll have the word 'slut' on my stomach forever and the cuts there too.
It kinda sucks but I'm just happy to be alive.

Jack is at his home finally showering there instead here at the hospital. Poor thing, he hasn't gotten enough sleep over the past month and hasn't eaten well either.
It feels so good to move around and talk to people without them not hearing.
My father is in prison for attempted murder and many other things. I'm very happy about that. My mom has been comforting me along with Reece and Ryan.
Reece gave me my favorite stuffed animal, Chubs, to me and has been giving me homemade cards.
Ryan has been playing video games with Jack and I because we brought our PS4 here.

Jack had come back from his home now and is now in the room with me. My mom, Reese, and Ryan went home.
Jack comes up to me and holds my hand.
"What was it like?" He asks.
"Huh?" I respond.
"What was like? You know, being like a ghost and not able to wake up." He explains to me.
"Ohhhhh, it was scary. Very scary, I couldn't talk to anyone. I wasn't able to wake up when I wanted or anything. Hearing everything you guys said to my body made me want to come more, but I couldn't. It was devastating." I exclaim.
Jack pulls me into a hug. I nice warm hug. I wrap my arms around him tight. We sit like this for about 3 minuets until we pull away.
He grabs my chin and pulls me to his lips.
We kiss, it was a great passionate kiss. Then, all of a sudden, the door opens. We pull away and see the rest of the boys standing there.
"Oops, sorry, did we interrupt something?" Corbyn asks giggling nervously.
Jack and I look at each other and smile.
"No, your fine" I smile.
Then all the boys come up to me and hug me. Jack joins the hug. I just giggle and hug back.

I'm so happy to be alive.

I swear I bring wdw up in every conversation. Yesterday my friends and I were talking about food and how to make some mac and cheese and they were saying that they need butter for it. I instantly said without thinking, "Why dont wes voices are like butter". I swear they are taking over my life😂 nothing wrong with that tho. Btw I have a new book 'Instagram- Donah Meavey' pls go read the first chapter. Thanks💕

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