blackcurrent squash

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Ha ha !!!!!! every body screamed . as i walked through the crush hall towards the lunch hall. some one had just walked into me with and spilled blackcurrant juice all down my best white top.

I had to walk around all day long with a big purple stain down my front. every body laughed at me as i ran to the bathroom. the only problem was that all the girls in the bathroom turned out to be boys and just the , i realised i had ran into the boys toilets i screamed in horror when they all looked round. And that was not a pretty sight to see.

I ran back out to the crush hall grabbed my things went to the girls toilets and pulled out my spare out fit. it was just the same as my purple splodgie one that i had on just now.

I went into a cubicle and was out in a flash with my new out fit. every body just stared at me with , confusion . but at least was fresh again. i walked back towards the lunch hall.every body stared at me as if i was a freak show or some thing

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