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I woke up to the sound of what sounded like a door slam.

It was literally 5:00 am. Like, who the heck is making this much noise this early?

I went back to sleep because it was probably just one of my brothers being dumb, but minute after minute I kept hearing a loud slam.

I quickly got annoyed because I was trying to sleep.

I got up angrily and tried to follow where I heard the slamming. I think the slams were coming from Ashers room, so I walked to Ashers room.

While I was walking to his room, I saw that all of my other brothers rooms were closed shut tightly. They never slept with the door closed, they always slept with it cracked. So I thought that was very odd.

As I kept walking, I peeked into Ashers room because his door was still cracked. I looked in, and I saw him facing the wall, bending down in pain.

I saw a lot of holes in the wall too. I really hope he wasn't punching the wall, but I'm pretty sure he was.

If he was punching the wall, that meant he was BIG mad.

He used to punch his wall a long time ago when he had anger issues, but he got over that. It kinda worried me that he started to punch the walls again though.

"Asher what's going on?" I asked, walking into his room.

He quickly turned to me and ran over the the door and shut it.

He pushed me onto the bed.

"Why the fuck did you not tell us you literally got abused at that party thing?" He said, basically screaming.


I forgot about all of that drama until he brought it up. Cooper must've told the rest of my brothers and they were probably out finding the guy.

That explains why all their doors were shut closed.

I looked at Ashers hand and it was bleeding. I didn't say anything yet though.

"Why did you not tell us Paisley?" he screamed again.

"B-because, I didn't want you guys to be disappointed in me and worry about me" I said hesitantly, with cracks in my voice.

This reminded me of when Asher had anger issues.

It was bad.

He would break things and hit people. He hit my brothers all the time but he would never hit me out of anger.

"UGH I SWEAR I WISH THEY WOULDVE LET ME COME." Asher said, still screaming.

"Come where?" I asked, kinda worried.

"They went to go find that bastard and beat his ass, but I had to fucking stay here until they get back-which is no fair. You're my sister too and I care about you too so I deserve to help them beat that bastard up" Asher said.

"Asher it's fine, don't worry about it. I'm fine." I said, trying to calm him down.

"NO ITS NOT FINE" he said screaming. "He put his hands on you, you have that bruise on your face because of HIM! Do you know how much that angers us?" Asher said.

"You're just going to have to realized that it's fine and it's alright." I said again.


I stayed quiet.

He punched a hole in his wall again.

"Stop Asher! You're hurting yourself!" I yelled, getting up, running to him.

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