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His jaw clenched at the way she was absorbing him. That little enchantress.

Those mighty footsteps stopped in front of her room. The pillars supporting it was adorned with white lilies- an insigna of her Chambers.

"There was a time when I found these flowers simple...plain even....too light for the ink underworld. Although a night changed everything......
The girl who was born in a magnificent starry night changed everything."

Her breath hitched when his zealous gaze traced her soft features. She was comfortable, almost too peaceful as he was carrying her in his arms.

His steps didn't faltered as he entered her chamber heading straight to the bathroom.The rose quartz floor making her head spin with it's seemed like small white lotus were floating beneath the transparent floor.

"Pink- A colour which was so outrageous to be seen here- A place where souls are punished for their deeds." He chuckled.
"-But Your favourite colour goddess."

A blush covered her cheeks when he kissed her forehead softly- a promise of eternity.

"Where are we going?"

"Are you afraid?" He asked with a smirk, amusement seem to shine through those orbs.

She was afraid of him indeed...of how he was becoming her obsession.

"Why are you doing this Hades? The things I have told you are repulsive, how can you not see that I am not good for you?" She sighed.

"It was all dark Persephone.... No light, no mercy, just an enigmatic, harsh world. It was all loneliness with just a small ray of hope....Your existence." He lowered his arms so she could stand.

Her mouth went agape when she took in the place he had brought her....the same from her Dream- Veras.

The night sky enveloped the place in a warm blanket. White lotus floating in the lagoon emanating white glow.

The soft lights whirling in water reflected on his virile features.

"You are like a drug Hades...the more I want to leave you..the more addictive you get." She closed her eyes clouded with passion, inhaling his scent deeply, her eyelids drooping and aquamarine eyes falling on his lips.....those petals of sin.

"Don't you ever..ever call yourself a disgrace because you are my pride Persephone, the first time I saw you-"

His chest heaved as he breathed deeply. Her eyes widening with impact of the words.

"-Damn goddess you looked so fragile, so small and yet I wondered how can someone so frail can contain that much valour to go against thousand wolves. And damn me goddess if I didn't wanted to make you mine forever.

Forbidden or not are mine."

His rugged palm traced her waist as her arms held his shoulders for support... eyes closed in bliss she suppressed a moan as his rough hand made contact with her bare shoulder his touch gliding across her neck, cupping her jaw.

She trailed her fingers on his chest finally rsting her palm there. Looking up at him with those turquoise doe eyes of her.

He leaned closer, his lips touching her earlobe.

"So prohibited and so fucking beautiful." with that his lips clashed with hers.

Energy like fireworks covered their body, goosebumps forming.

He took her breath away in ways she couldn't imagine. His lips were soft, sensuous on her...moving with passion, craving. His warm mouth captured her bottom lip just as her hands tugged his silky hair pulling closer.

What started as a gentle ripple transformed to a gigantic wave of fervor.
His spicy lemon flavour mixed with her rose one. His hands clutched her waist as her arms went around his neck.

Detaching his lips from her he trailed down her neck....teeth biting softly into her creamy skin...a whimper escaping her as his hot tongue soothed the ache where he had left a love bite.

"I am a sinner and you are my sin Persephone."


"Yes baby?"

"I Persephone Rya accept King Hades, the supreme ruler of Underworld as my eternal mate.

I am yours my king...from now to infinity."

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