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Keisha was holding back for some reason.

"What you're thinking?" Keira asked her mother when she saw the faraway look in Keisha's eyes. Keira was still fighting to keep the powers, even if it killed her in the way. She thought she would see the happiness in Keisha's eyes that Keira might be dying but all she saw a pained agony in her mother's eyes.

What was she really thinking?

"Nothing. Just some old days." Keisha dismissed Keira from any further question. The buzz went through Keira again before she started questioning Keisha like before.

"You always have reasons, don't you?"

"And don't you just ask too many questions? You're breaking my concentration." Keisha huffed wiping her forehead.

That's what Keira meant to do.

"OK. I'll stop."

Keira just needed to stop Keisha from doing what she was doing. She didn't even want to know what will happen if his soul will be out of her body. She knew that Keisha will destroy Lex in seconds. And the thought of didn't settle well with her.

"Keira! Where are you?" The whisper was so sudden that Keira had to crane her head to make sure if she was hearing right. After waiting for a few minutes to hear the whisper again when nothing came, she went back to stare at her mother. Maybe she was hallucinating...The cage must've done something to her head.

"Little soul!" Or not. Squinting her eyes, she noticed a figure near the woods almost blending into the shadows. Was it...Lex!? How did he found her? And how on earth was she going to communicate with him? Her eyes closed in frustration. Even if she wanted to call for him...

"Lex." Whispering his name was doing wonders because suddenly a hand grasped hers, making her eyes snap open in shock. How was it possible? Keira was worried for Keisha's wrath and when she looked at her mother, relief rushed through her. 

Keisha was chanting spells but her eyes were closed and it looked like she was in a trance. This could be the only chance Keira had to escape. As a Darkness, Lex had no problem breaking the seal the cage had so Keira was free in a second. Hope...A hope build within her.

Her powers were with her. She was feeling weak but that didn't mean she had to be.

"Lex! How did you-" Keira trailed off watching Keisha's movement just as Lex was doing. Both of them watched in shock as the book lifted itself from the ground and was now floating near Keisha.

"I have my ways. Now tell me what she's doing?" He grunted, anger noticeable in his tone.

"She's trying to take your..." Before Keira could warn him of what's coming Keisha opened her eyes.

"Done. It's out of you. Now you must... Alexei?" Keisha looked startled for a second before any emotion vanished from her face. "You found us. But Keira doesn't want you. She's with me." 

"That's her decision, not yours. I've come here to take her with me, Reaper. And your little threats are not going to back me out from what I want." Lex's threatening did nothing to Keisha. In fact, there was a tickle of laughter flowing from her lips as if what he said was funny.

"Oh...must be your pathetic soul. But it's not in her anymore, I've taken it out." She declared and Keira realized why her mother was so calm. Keisha finally had Lex in her hands and if Keira was starting to know her mother even a freckle of what she was, she knew Keisha would never let Lex have his soul back.

"Lex...Do you need it back? Your soul?" Keira asked him, ignoring her mother's glare thrown at her face. Keira had a plan to stop Keisha but it might be a little difficult if Lex's soul was not in him.

Lex looked at Keira as if she's insane. "Of course, I want it, little soul. But not at the cost of you."

He was telling the truth. She could feel that warmth again. How? She didn't know but she didn't have time to wonder as Keisha let out a bitter chuckle.

"He's lying. He's manipulating you into giving his soul."

"As if you are any better." Keira scoffed, her rage threatening to breakthrough.

There was a mischievous smile on Keisha's lips as she walked towards them. Concerned, Keira looked around for any weapon when her mother finally said something that even made Lex tensed.

"At least I have always told you what I wanted. Did dear Alexei tell you about the prophecy? Or especially how it ends?"

Prophecy. That damned word made Keira want to rip someone apart. Thankfully Keisha was near as Keira formed a fist, only to force all her energy to punch her mother in the face before Keisha could recover from the shock.

"I don't want to hear about that damn prophecy anymore! So however the hell you think it ends, enlighten us. Now!"

Her words seemed like the trigger Keisha needed as she looked at Lex with a taunting smile. "Should I tell her or should you?"

Why did Keisha look at Lex like that? Wanting an answer, Keira turned to Lex too before grabbing his chin to make him look at her. "If it's something horrible...I-I will understand. Just tell me?"

"The prophecy said the pure soul dies in the hands of whose soul she is bound to."

All air left Keira's lung as Lex said those words without a single emotion on his face. No regret, anger or hopelessness. Oh, God. Keira could actually feel it. The desperate way her heart was trying not to break. The invisible crack echoed through her whole body as if she was the one floating away. She didn't want to hear anymore.

She didn't want to see his face anymore.

"And you knew?" She had to ask. For her own sanity. "Darkness, did you fucking knew!?"

His one little nod broke anything holding her from giving up. Her knees wobbled and she found herself on the ground staring at the man she thought she could trust to not hurt her. Before she could form any reply Keisha laughed.

"Ever wondered why I didn't kill you myself? Cause I never could! It was his destiny to end you."

"Shut up!" Lex finally showed the anger he was trying so hard to hide. "I didn't know from the start."

"But you did know about your soul, didn't you?" The raw pain in Keira's voice could cut glass. She didn't want to show him just how crushed she was but if he was going to end her...she wasn't making it easy.

"I thought I could get my soul out of you by simply scaring you." He shrugged like it was the best plan he could come up with at that time. "Then when it didn't work, I thought I could...I could make you fall for me. Then you'd willingly give my soul back and I would just have to stay away until my demise to stop myself from fulfilling the prophecy."

He had everything planned out, didn't he?

As if he could hear the thoughts in her head, he let out a chuckle. "I had everything planned. But I didn't expect it to backfire."

"Too little, too late." Keisha snarled before she grabbed Keira by her hair to make her stand. No sooner the scream followed from Keira's lips, Keira knew that something was taking her to the depth of the darkness again. Her eyes finally blurred with tears. Humming filled her ears blocking all the things from outside. 

No matter what Keisha did after that, Keira couldn't ignore how true her mother's words rang. No matter how remorseful Lex looked right now...It was just that for both of them.

Too little, too late.


The last chapter of the first part is next. Enjoy!

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