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You choose the cover name Nina and start to walk around untill the fighting starts all you can think about about is how your totally going to kick bans ass. " Alright it's time to start the fighting!" Love helm said. "Ugh I hate that guys voice." You thought. "Eh whatever, let's get started." You said excitedly. You walk in to the ring and end up standing directly across the ring from ban.  "He was looking at you! It looked like he recognized you! oh no what if he recognized me! No no he couldn't have there's no way it's fine the only thing I didn't change is my eyes and there's no way he could tell it was me just by my eyes!" You panic mentally. Your face turned bright red and your eyes widened as you quickly looked down at the ground when you realized that you and ban were just staring at each other you hear meliodas wisper " I think that girl has a little crush on you ban" as he winked at ban. Ban chuckles and replies with a curious "yeah." "Ready set fight!"love helm yells. You, ban and meliodas are just throwing people out of the ring then it's time for the one on one matches. " The first match is Diane vs houser. After a few more fights love helm announced our next fight is Nina vs ban!" (You where wearing the outfit in the picture minus the bow and you're not that tall 😂 sorry.) You both walk up to the rock and you stand with your hands on your hips as you look each other in the eye. " Excuse me miss the mask is fine but will you remove the shawl?" Love helm said. You take off the shawl and you notice it reveals alot more than expected but you didn't really care. Except for the fact that you hoped meliodas didn't use his perv power to memorize your body or whatever you'd also hoped that ban didn't have any because if he did he would definitely remember. " Ready and fight!" Love helm announced. You and ban lung at each other at an insane speed you duck under ban and punch a hole straight through his back knowing of his immortal body which makes him spit up blood but doesn't push him out of the ring. " Son of a bitch." Ban says making you chuckle a little bit forgetting you where trying to hide your identity. Your slip up made his facial expression change from your gonna regret that to, what the hell. Completely oblivious you reply with "oh come on surly a big strong man isn't afraid of a little girl." You giggled, making his eyes widen a little more as he had recognized your voice.

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