Chapter 2

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"She was in my damn apartment." I snapped, punching my fist against Howard's expensive mahogany desk. "You call that being on top of things?"

"Why didn't you just take her down?" Monroe arrogantly asked. "You can bring down an entire highway with one car, but you can't take down one agent?"

I clenched my fists to prevent myself from hitting him again. He already had a black eye from yesterday where I punched him for being too mouthy. I wanted to give him a matching set.

"She was a freaking six foot six Neanderthal and she cornered me." I snarled. "I was off the clock, I wasn't expecting an Italian agent to ambush me in my home – which she shouldn't have been able to," I said turning to Howard again who was twirling his pen thoughtfully. "What the hell, Howie?"

"We had a security breach yesterday, Camila, you know that we put all our attention on that whenever it happens," Howard said, leaning back in his chair. "All agents were called in to assist, and it left some of our off-duty agents without backup for a few hours. We apologize for any inconveni—"

"Oh, that's bullshit." I said, crossing my arms. "Tell me why am I still working for you guys. Seriously, tell me. Yesterday was ridiculous!"

"Just quit then," Monroe helpfully suggested.

I scoffed. "Wouldn't you like that? If I did, there'd be nobody to slim your obese ego."

"Calm down now," Howard finally said and stood up when Monroe rolled his eyes. "Agent Cabello, you are a cherished asset to our ranks and we do sincerely apologize for what happened yesterday. Investigations will be conducted after we found the breach in our security, trust in that, but you said that the agent told you they would make another attempt at breaking in? Did she tell you which firm she worked for?"

"Yeah, AISE. She said she knew they would succeed this time because they were putting their best guy on the job. That they would get away with it."

"And you say I have a big ego," Monroe snorted from the side.

Howard ignored him. "Well, let's make sure they don't, then. If they're putting their top agent on the case, then we should do the same." He buttoned his suit jacket and smoothed it down. "If we want to catch their best agent, we will use our own as well."

Monroe immediately straightened out and fixed his tie. "Sir, I'm honored—"

"—Agent Cabello, please report down at the armory to get your guns checked out. When you encounter their agent, you have clearance to kill her," Howard stepped around his desk and walked up to me. "We need this case closed once and for all."

Monroe gaped when Howard stuck his hand out towards me. I reminded myself to rub it in Monroe's face later while I shook it. "Yes, Sir. I will. Thank you for the opportunity."

"Of course," Howard warmly smiled and then turned around. "Oh, and Agent Monroe, Stella said she needed help with documenting the damage done yesterday. Go down and lend her a hand, will you?"

I smirked at Monroe when he just glared like he couldn't believe he just got overlooked for a female agent. That big ego of his probably suffered a blow. "Uh... of course, Sir, but are you sure you don't want—"

"Now, please excuse me, I must go," Howard smiled, ignoring Monroe once again. "I am meeting my wife for brunch and her mother will be joining us. I can't stand that old crow."

I chuckled and patted his arm. "Compliment whatever she's wearing. She'll love that."

"Thank you for the advice," Howard clucked back. "I will see you both later. Best of luck."

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