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The majority of the weekend was spent sitting around in the den and reading, but when Sunday afternoon came along, both Harry and I decided that since Eloise was starting daycare tomorrow morning, she needed some new clothes to wear.

Currently we were inside of a children's department store in one of the upper scaled shopping centers, and while Harry stayed with Eloise at the dressing rooms I continued browsing for clothes that I thought she would like. I was so much better at shopping for other people than myself, and since I knew Eloise's sense of style, or lack there of really, pretty well after having her experiment with different outfits at home, I felt confident that most of my choices would work well for her. Now that my arm was being heavily weighed down by shirts and pants and jackets for her, I made my way back to the dressing room to get her to try them on.

Harry was leaned up against the door that Eloise was currently behind, and although I couldn't see her, I could hear her telling Harry that she needed help with something. We didn't really expect her to be able to dress herself properly, but that's why Harry was standing guard so that I could continue shopping around for her. When Harry saw me walking towards him, he immediately looked down at the new pile of clothing on my arm and sighed, "Are we almost done?"

I just smiled at him and shook my head, "Not yet. What does she need help with?"

Harry and I both looked at the door, and Eloise very loudly said, "Help!"

He sighed once again before pushing himself off of the wall and knocking on the door before going inside, "I'm coming in, Ellie."

I watched as Harry opened the door and was getting ready to go inside, but before he did I caught him by the elbow and made him turn around to look at me. I bit down on my lip and extended my clothing filled arm out to him, "Take these, I think she'll like what I picked." Harry was visibly annoyed by this shopping trip, but I think it was just because he felt a little uncomfortable being in a children's clothing store with a bunch of women and their kids, not because he had to be Eloise's personal assistant for the day.

While he assisted Eloise in whatever way that she needed, I stood around in the dressing room area and waited for them to finish trying on all of the clothes, and I casually watched all of the mothers coming in and out with their kids. I suppose that in a way I felt a little envious of them all, because even though I loved Eloise like she was my own, I would still never be able to have that connection with her that all mothers had with their babies. I've never even thought about the possibility of having kids of my own until recently, but I never really spent much time thinking about stuff like that just because it seemed kind of pointless. As of now, Harry and I were perfectly content with taking care of just Eloise, and I was fine with keeping any baby thoughts to myself since our relationship was still fairly new. It didn't really feel like that because I've known Harry for almost almost three years now and have lived with him for a little over two, but we never hit it off until well after I was settled in and comfortable with Eloise.

I suppose that it was for the best though, because over time we were able to successfully establish an understanding between us that I'd say benefited us greatly now. Harry and I learned how to respect each other as well, and most importantly of all, we learned how to trust each other.

After what felt like forever, Harry and Eloise finally came out of the dressing room and Eloise looked as happy as could be, "I got new cwothes, Ollie!" She said to me, like I didn't already assume that. Harry's arms were filled with practically every article of clothing that I brought to Eloise while she stayed in the dressing room, and although I was happy that she liked all of my choices, I didn't really expect her to want all of them.

I crouched down to her level and fixed her hair while asking, "Are you getting all of those?"

She nodded her head excitedly, "Uh huh!" Then, she looked up at Harry like he was the sun, "Right daddy?"

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