the color of the sun

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What is the color
Of the sun when we're asleep?

Does it have a golden hue
Like when it shines
In the early dawn?
Is it warm
And hopeful
Like welcoming smiles
Of long lost friends?

Is it blindingly white?
Like when it reaches
It's peak in the sky?
Scorching hot,
Like a flat iron
Ready to burn your skin?
Even when clouds 
block it away.

Does it have that orange hue
From when the sea 
embraces it at dusk
And illuminates the clouds
With a beautiful reddish tint?
Does it have
the warmth of the hearth,
Providing comfort
After a long tiring day?

What is the color
Of the sun when we're asleep?
Is it stupid to ask a question
You already know the answer to?

If you can throw aside
The mountains and hills
And the oceans and seas,
To peek at the slumbering sun,
What will you see?
You will see that
It still shines
The same way it does
When it rises
In the early morn,
Still wages a fiery war
At noon,
And lights everything
Before the darkness
Swallowed the world.
Just this time,
It's on the other side of the globe.

Time may affect
How we see it
How it changes 
everything around us
At different moments
But the sun is still the sun
It never sleeps
It never leaves
It never changes.


It is so hard to write something lately. It's like everything I write doesn't make any sense.

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