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One week has gone by since Clarke has been home. She feels completely better, the baby is perfectly healthy, with a strong heartbeat. Bellamy still swears it's a boy, he says his dad instincts just know, she's 10 weeks pregnant now, it's feeling more and more real.

They were all currently in the car on there way over to Octavias to meet Xander. Haven was excited, she was so excited to have a cousin. She doesn't quite understand that she's going to be a big sister, since to her, her mommy looks the same. But once Clarkes belly shows they believe she will see theres a baby in there.

Bellamy pulled into the driveway, and got Haven out the car while Clarke got out holding flowers and a casserole they prepared ahead of time, Clarke knocks on the door and Lincoln answers.

Lincoln: "She's in the living room with him, I'll take that." He says taking the dish from Clarke.

Clarke: "Preheat to 350, and cook for about 40 minutes." She smiled.

They all make there way to the living room, while Lincoln goes to put dinner in the oven. They walk into the room and can see Octavia laying on the couch with a tiny baby on her chest.

Clarke: "He's so precious." She smiles walking closer.

Octavia: "Thank you. Did you want to hold him." She smiles.

Clarke nods and Octavia slowly sits up, moving Xander and passing him to Clarke. He stays knocked out, he seems like a deep sleeper.

Clarke: "How are you feeling?" She asks as she gently bounces.

Octavia: "Really good. I don't even believe I had a baby just one week ago." She laughs.

Lincoln: "She's a natural, she was born to be a mother." He says as he enters the room.

Bellamy: "Aren't they all." He and Lincoln laugh.

Haven: "Can I hold him?" She asks.

Octavia: "Yeah, here sweetheart sit on the couch." She motions.

Haven climbs onto the couch and Clarke gently places Xander into her arms.

Clarke: "keep your arm like this. You have to support his head." She says.

Lincoln: "Can I take a picture?" He asks.

Clarke: "Yes. It's to cute not too." She says stepping back.

Lincoln pulls out his phone and takes a picture of Haven holding Xander, she smiled so big, and Xander just stayed asleep. It was there first picture together. You could already tell they were going to be bestfriends.

Not long after thay dinner is done and they all sit down to eat together, after dinner Haven fell asleep, so They sat on the could talking about life and bringing up past memories.

Octavia: "Remember that time you stole moms car at night to go over to clarkes." She laughs.

Clarke: "And then your mom showed up at my house and woke my mom up, and they both freaked out."

Lincoln: "Why'd they both freak out?"

Clarke: "we were 17 at the time, and when his mom showed up, we didn't hear the knocking. My mother answered it, and they both marched up to my room and well.." she stops.

Bellamy: "Opened the door and we were, um doing naughty things." He laughs, and they all join it laughing.

Clarke: "God that was so embarrassing. My mom had a long talk with me after, and she got so mad when I told her you were just a friend, but that I was doing that with you." She laughs.

Bellamy: "I was just a friend huh?" He laughs.

Clarke: "My mom didn't need to know about my love life." She laughs.

Bellamy: "What about that time your mom was out of town to take care of your grandma and we threw a party and got away with it."

Octavia: "I remember that! That was awesome. That's were Lincoln and I met!" She smiles.

Lincoln: "I brought the alcohol." He laughs.

Clarke: "Who would have thought we would all end up here."

Bellamy: "I knew we'd end up here." He smiles, giving her a quick kiss.

Clarke: "How are you so sweet?" She smiles, laying her head on his shoulder.

Octavia: "I always knew you guys were the real deal, you two were so inlove, and look at you know, a 2 year old daughter, and another baby on the way. It's a love story."

They all sit there for a moment, just taking it all in, Clarke snuggled into Bellamys side, his arm around her waist. Lincoln and Octavia sitting the same way, Haven asleep on the other couch, and Xander asleep in his bassinet. Life was good. Everyone was happy.

Clarke: "We should be heading home." She says standing up.

Bellamy: "Yeah, it's getting late." He says before gently picking up Haven, trying not to wake her.

Octavia: "Make sure to come by again soon!" She says walking them to the door.

They say there goodbyes then bellamy gets Haven buckled into the car, she only woke for a moment then she passed right back out.


On the way home, Clarke decided she wanted sour candy really bad.

Clarke: "I need it Bellamy." She whines

Bellamy: "Sour candy?" He laughs

Clarke: "Yesss. Please."

Bellamy: "Fine. We will stop at the gas station."

Clarke: "Thank you!" She cheers.

They get to the gas station. Bellamy tells Clarke she has to run in, and only gives her five dollars so she can't buy more then two bags.

Clarke walks into the store, and grabs two bags of sour patch kids. She happily makes her way to the register to pay..

Either Echo has a twin, or she got a job at the has station. Clarke decides to just be civil.

Echo: "Is that it?"

Clarke: "Yeah."

Echo: "5 dollars."

Clarke hands her money, and waits for her to bag it.

Echo: "Are you and Bellamy still together?" She asks as she turns to her side to grab a bag....

Clarke: "Yeah, wait.. are you? Pregnant?" She asks seeing the small, but noticeable bump.

Echo: "Yeah. I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow."

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