No #love from family

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I don't remember how the next few days passed. I was both restless and depressed. I had stopped talking to Rohan and William ever since they had refused to believe my story. Uma, on the other hand, thought that the country-made liquor had affected my brain, and no amount of convincing on my part helped.

She even refused to accept Shona's presence in the cupboard, or the voices that she had heard. I got the feeling that she was scared; not of the evil spirits of Shona and Alisha, but of Kiran, and her parents.

In all probability they had her brainwashed into believing that she had been hallucinating, and that the love of her brother – whom she wanted to save from being sent to the asylum – was making her hear things. And if she carried on this way, she too would go mad.

I think it was a Sunday when, while casually going through the newspaper, I caught the sight of Aran's face in one of the middle pages. I went through the accompanying report, which stated that a prominent industrialist's son had been admitted to an asylum due to his deteriorating mental health.

I was shell shocked. I sat there numb for a while and then called Uma. She did not pick up the call but called back a little later.

"I... I just read about Aran in the newspaper. What happened?" I asked.

Uma started sobbing. "They had kept him confined to his room, and... and... poor Aran grew frustrated and yesterday when he got an opportunity, he managed to get out of his room, and ran out of the house. Kiran sent a couple of security guards after him, and they caught him and brought him back, but Aran was highly agitated, and began throwing things around.

Seeing this Kiran shouted, 'He's getting violent,' and immediately called the doctor, who sedated Aran and took him to the asylum in an unconscious state, where they admitted him."

I could not believe my ears, "They'll kill him!" I exclaimed.

Uma did not reply. She went on sobbing. 

I disconnected the phone and zoned out.  Aran's face flashed in front of my eyes. The poor boy had received no love from his family ever since he was born. Why? I didn't know. All I knew was that I couldn't let this happen to my friend. 

And then on an impulse, I dashed out of my apartment, ran to my motorbike, kickstarted and zoomed towards Aran's house. I pushed past the security guards and barged into the living room. 

A party was going on, where I saw Aran's mother shedding crocodile tears in front of a guest saying how much she loved Aran.

A nuclear explosion took place within me. All the pent up fury, came pouring out, "You people are hypocrites!" I shouted. "You'll be the ones responsible if Aran's dies."

A few guests present there were dumbfounded. Kiran and a couple of others sprang out of their chairs, gripped me, and escorted me out.

"Let go of me, you dirty rotten pigs," I screamed, while trying to squirm out of their grip.

"You are finished," Kiran muttered under his breath. But I was not going to give in easily. As soon as I got my chance, I wriggled free from the clutches of the two men who were holding me and shot off. But not before landing a rock solid punch on Kiran's face.

I saw him sprawled on the ground, blood flowing out of his nose, as I ran towards my motorbike. "That one was for Aran, you son of a bitch," I yelled.

I mounted my bike, kickstarted, and sped away into the night. 

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