Chapter 4 - How could it be worse?

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Chapter 4

Turning away from Elliot, my face tinged pink with a blush from having had my first ever romantic moment with someone, if that's what you would call it. Somebody like the bitch who was stood in the doorway, glaring daggers at me would have said he was just pitying me, and he probably was. I knew that by now, that no-one cared about, and definitaley did NOT think I was pretty, or had a nice smile.

At that thought, the smile on my face faded, and the expressionless mask I always wore took it's place, when I looked up at Jenna, who was giving me the evils, but sending flirtatious looks at Elliot. Slut.

However, what shocked me most, was that instead of returning her looks like most of the guys would, he had a blank look on his face. Jenna didn't seem to pleased with that, and diverted all of her attention to me.

"As I said, freak, what is he doing in here with you? Or are you deaf as well as mute?"

I blinked hard, trying not to cry. It would only mean more torment from her, and if it came from her, it would come from everyone else later as well.

When I was finally in control of my emotions, I lifted up my gaze to hers. However, I made no attempt to stand up for myself as usual, and didn't bother making an effort to respond.

"Oh so you ARE deaf! No wonder you never reply to anything, you can't hear me! And to think I thought it was you being a pathetic loser! Oh wait you are!"

I bowed my head in shame, tears trickling down my cheeks, and dripping off my chin and into my lap. Thankfully, Jenna couldn't see, as my hair had fallen in front of my face. I really needed a haircut, but my mum didn't care enough about me to book me an appointment.

To say I was surprised would be the understatement of the year when Elliot suddenly burst.

"Ok, what the HELL is your problem? First you trip her up, then take the mick, make her cry, and THEN you come in here just to piss her off even more, you really must have no life, if all you do all day is pick on one poor girl, who doesn't even stand up for herself. That isn't showing off, it's showing your feeble. Try picking on someone who will fight back, you coldhearted bitch!"

My head snapped up at that, not even caring if Jenna saw me crying. I looked between Jenna and Elliot, completely dumbfounded. Elliot looked like he wanted to kill someone, while Jenna looked taken aback.

However before Elliot could calm down, Jenna recovered, and turned on her 'seductive' charms.

"I'm sure you don't REALLY mean that. About you and me go somewhere quiet, and get to know eachother."

Translation: I don't care what you think, your hot, I want to screw you in the janitors closet.

Then, Jenna carried on: "Let's leave this, thing, and have some fun. I bet you could be captain of the football team if you wanted."

Did she seriously just say that? She basically just said, you're better than my boyfriend, wanna hook up? Does that girl have no shame?!?!

"No thanks," Elliot stated boldly. "I'm quite ok here with Lana. So if you don't mind, please leave."

I was mentally cheering Elliot on: 'Whooo! Go Elliot!'

Jenna looked taken aback that some one chose me over her, and I can't blame her, I mean, who would.

'Elliot, obviously.'

'Not you again!!'

'Now, now. Is that anyway to greet your concscience?'

'It is when you want to be left alone!'

'Fine, if that's what you want!'

'I do!!!!!'

With that, the annoying voice left me in peace, just in time for me to hear Jenna huff.

"Fine, but when you get bored of that, or get so pissed off, come see me and together, we can make her life a living hell!"

With that she floated out the door. I stared after her, my mouth slightly ajar. Doesn't she realise she ALREADY makes my life a living hell? Shoot, if she doesn't that means she can do more!!!

I started hyperventilating at that. It was bad enough at the moment, I wouldn't be able to take anymore!!!

"Hey, hey, Lana. Chill out! Deep breaths!! No way would I choose that slut over you, don't worry!!"

I simply raised one eyebrow at him. He may say that now, and I may think it was sweet, but deep down I knew that Jenna was right, he would get bored of me. I didn't talk for Gods sake!

Jeez, I had real self esteem issues.

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