Chapter II : Blue

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"I think I just found the love of my life. He seated next to me in our French Class earlier. He was so cute and—"
Lalisa rolled her eyes and tried to mute her ears from hearing her friend talk about love again.

She look at Jisoo who was very considerate to listen to every Rose's love banters again. It's like an unending storytelling about crushes and stuffs.

She and her twin can really be annoying when they want to, Lisa don't know why her eldest brother keep pursuing her when he always get rejected by that tall blonde.

Don't get her wrong, she love her friend but hearing the same story everyday was dreadful. Can't she talk about... I don't know the global warming? What about the penguins and the turtles?

"Oh my gosh! There he is!!!"
It startled the space bun girl when her friend Rose squeal, she thanked the heavens that the cafeteria is already noisy enough not to hear her because that will be totally embarrassing.

Jisoo and Lisa shifted their gaze to the one their friend had been pointing at.
"Isn't he the most handsome guy on this school?" Their friend dreamily mumbled and Lisa almost raises her brow but she stopped herself and look at the person Rose is referring to.

"Blue haired guy?"
Jisoo asked and Rose squealed once again. "Yeah! That one! He's gorgeous right?"

Lisa focuses her gaze to the said man and true to Rose's words he is that handsome. Students has been staring at him like he is freshly out from Vogue Magazine. But realization hit Lisa like a bucket of ice, he's the new guy who witnessed that embarrassing thing with Mrs. Kang this morning! And now he is Rose's new added crush list.

"What did I miss?"
Came Jennie Kim with her Chanel purse and coat, she was holding a tray with her special made food because well you know she's that rich to have special treatment in the cafeteria.

She wake Lisa from her trance by snapping her fingers in front of her and that's Lisa's cue to act like she's sleepy by faking a yawn as she put her whole attention to the new comer who claimed the seat in front of her.

Jennie asked again, eager to find out what her friend's had been gushing about.

"I'm telling them about the love of my life!" The blonde screamed in full enthusiasm. Jennie furrowed her brows with that.

"Rosie how many love of my life do you have?"
Yes tell her please, Lisa nodded at that and Jisoo shrugged which made the tall blonde pout.

"Yah! It's real this time!" Well, even with her annoying blonde self, Rose can be so cute sometimes especially when she's pouting. Maybe, that's why Lisa loves to teased her.

"Who is he?" Jennie tried to hide the her disinterest with the certain topic so she wouldn't hurt any feelings because obviously, Rosie is also the very sensitive one in their circle.

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