A Fallen Ally (Episode 12)

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Marblerose, 2 Days Before

Slowly, the camera opens up to show the castle of Marblerose within the distance. Its many striking features are seen, including; the attractive red roses creeping out of the vinery and great red-and-black flags floating high above its many towers. As the camera began to fall closer to the castle walls, suburban houses and farmlands containing various plants came into view; with many emitting a bright glow. It became apparent - fairly quickly - that these farmlands and houses were being attacked by a loud, displeased fire due to the mass amount of screams of fire from the running people below. Steadily, the camera made its way through the castle's wrought iron gates whilst many tired, red-armored soldiers stood ushering people inside. Eager archers stood holding their bows within their hands from a platform above, their arrows at the ready to shoot at an unknown enemy beyond the walls. Nevertheless, the camera was focusing on four hooded figures running alongside the crowd. When they glanced upward, the camera automatically recognised them as; Ethel Greene, Malena Hillsford and Jaclynn White. When they spoke - they spoke in hushed whispers and away from anybody capable of eavesdropping:

Malena Hillsford: Why are they being forced ins-

Ethel Greene: Protocol. Ever since the announcement of the Second Wizarding War. Every protected city has been having raids from Llama's arm-

Guard: SHUT IT, YOU!

A round-bellied and red faced guard wearing heavy chain armor shouted at them from the sides. Several citizens looked round, wonderingly questioning who they had just bellowed toward. Like all the others, they were being ushered into the main building where once inside was a long hall; it no longer had the tables of drunk men and women but now bore many fast-speaking guards whom were all rushing around. Most of the women and children had settled down by the walls whilst all the men were being told to enter into an extended room to the right. At the top where three grandeur thrones once stood, now contained a mid-thirties woman with a bright scar on her head. She had long hair that was carved into a french braid and had dark symbols around her eyes; almost as if she were a dark-magical. Standing next to her looked to be the High Guard who wore a maroon-shaded plate of armor and was barking instructions to guards passing closeby.


Reluctantly, the three women made their way to the front of the hall where there were steep steps leading up to the stage in which the woman and high guard were observing from. Only once had they reached the foot of the stairs did they take off their cloaks and start to ascend them in great speed. They nearly made it toward a small door at the back before the scarred woman stepped in front, rudely interrupting them.

Woman: What do you think you are... who are you? Intruders!

The maroon guard marched his way over, clearly in no rush to stop the intruders at all. When he stopped, the three noticed the muscles twitching in his face as he examined them up-and-down. Finally, he said:

High Guard: I have lived in Marblerose for over a hundred years and know every face that has lived within the boundaries. You are not from here... explain!

Jaclynn White: We are here to see Lady Ninetta Wolfborne...

Woman: And why, may I ask?

Jaclynn White: This is about... Dark Hammer.

Immediately, the woman and high guard had erupted into laughter; on the contrary, the three women did not find this entertaining at all. Ethel squinted her eyes threateningly and Malena crossed her arms while rolling her eyes around in their sockets. Once they had seen the expression amongst their faces and noticed they were not laughing with them, they fell back to their usual expressions. The woman with the dark-symbols opened her mouth to argue, but automatically fell back when the small door opened up to reveal a small boy; when he noticed the high guard standing before him, he immediately ran into the crowd of the women and children. From the inside, a strict voice called:

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